Nivea Launches Employee Growth and Development Program

Nivea Launches Employee Growth and Development Program

Nivea is an international company that has been in existence for over 130 years. The company has been expanding and growing over the years because of the dedication of its employees. Nivea is currently running a Growth and Development Program which aims at providing employees with skills that will help them grow, develop, and learn more about themselves. They started this type of program so that employees are not only able to grab some sort of knowledge but also contribute to the growth of the company.

The goal of this program is to make sure that their employees have all the skills they need to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the market today. The market is volatile and always gets managed with the expertise and required knowledge for the betterment of the company Nivea whose market is not limited to lotion or face cream products.

Nivea is not just about makeup and body lotion anymore. The company has set up a new way for its employees to grow. The company which had always emphasized the empowerment of women has now shifted its focus from empowering women to empowering its employees.

The company started with their L’Oréal Women in Science Program that allowed them to annually reward the three most talented woman scientists and give them a chance to attend an international conference with support, and then eventually award them a research grant. Now they have launched another employee growth program called Growth & Development Program (GDP).

The main objective of the program is to create opportunities for employees at all levels of the organization by providing them with skills and experience they can use in their careers while they are still with Nivea or after they leave Nivea.

Nivea has a strong grasp of the need for employee development and growth. They started this program not only to help set themselves apart from competitors but also to allow employees to grow in their careers.

Nivea is one of the many companies that understand the importance of organizational culture and how it impacts their employees. Nivea understands that they cannot achieve success without happy, healthy, and motivated employees.

Nivea had recognized that it needed a competitive edge over other companies to thrive. They knew that it would be difficult for them as an organization to succeed without happy and motivated employees who are growing in their careers every day, so they created a program tailored towards all aspects of growth- both personally and professionally.

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