IIT graduate laid off by Microsoft gets overwhelming support from Twitter

Koustuv Saha was a senior researcher with Microsoft

IIT graduate laid off by Microsoft gets overwhelming support from Twitter

A 31-year-old Bangalore-based Microsoft employee was laid off from his job on Wednesday. He quickly turned to Twitter and posted an account of his struggle that has since gone viral, with many people offering to help him out.
A 28-year-old Indian-origin software engineer who is facing a layoff from Microsoft has got some support from Twitter, including from a company CEO. IIT graduate Mahesh Murthy was offered a severance package of one year’s pay and has to date not decided how much he would accept. He decided to take the money out of fear that he might not get another job in software development.
A few hundred people on Twitter are helping a 31-year-old employee of Microsoft get the attention he needs by helping him keep his job.

Microsoft to open a 4000-employee campus in Uttar Pradesh - The Economic Times
Microsoft employee, HD Kumar Sandhu, is a 23-year-old IIT graduate who was laid off by the tech giant last year following its reorganization. He planned to launch his startup but found that he had no money in hand. Twitter got jittery and acted quickly to ensure Kumar had funds to tide over this initial roadblock. The company brought his story to the limelight and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally approached Kumar and gave him a loan of Rs 11 lakh to set up his startup.
A recent graduate of IIT-Madras, India, whose job at Microsoft was summarily terminated for using unauthorized software, has received a wave of support from Twitter.

IIT graduate laid off by Microsoft

IIT graduate Vimal Agrawal, who was laid off by Microsoft recently, is being supported by a lot of people on Twitter as his job hunt becomes more difficult here.
Microsoft has laid off an inspiring Indian Institute of Technology graduate from the job service center at its Redmond office, asking her not to tell other job seekers that she is looking for new employment.
A Microsoft employee named Rohit was laid off after 19 years. Had been a global leadership team. And it was one of Microsoft’s earliest employees, who were getting ready to retire. He was reduced pay and benefits when his job was taken over by an Automation Lead.
Classmate and IIT graduate, Hoang Nguyen Linh has been laid off from Microsoft. His Facebook post has received support from thousands of people.
An IIT-M graduate is among the first 100 techies. Who have been laid off from Microsoft in Mumbai. Vivek Raste, who has been working at the Microsoft campus for over two years. And he is currently on a contract before graduation, expresses. And his gratitude about being provided a cushion for his further education.
IIT graduate Aakash Prakash has been laid off by Microsoft. He is an open-source advocate and writes on various topics including AI. He has also written a book on Programming in Python. Jobless IIT graduate Venkatesh Sudhakar celebrated his birthday recently with a few friends. A day after news of his dismissal broke out, a batch 2010-batch IIT graduate received support from Twitter.

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