CM Ashok Gehlot read Old Budget speech for 7 mints in Assembly

The CM was interrupted by Congress minister Mahesh Joshi and was stopped for reading the budget. Due to this incident,

CM Ashok Gehlot read Old Budget speech for 7 mints in Assembly

The Rajasthan budget has given a clear indication that the state government is ready to spend money to develop infrastructure and promote tourism in the state. It also proposes to spend money on education, health, and other sectors in the state. Announcing the budget earlier in February 2023. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the government was keen to create an environment. Where people do not have to leave their hometowns for greener pastures but can make a living out of what they are familiar with.
A wide range of positive initiatives and reforms in all spheres of life, aiming to create an enabling environment for growth. These include significant measures to improve access to healthcare, road & transport infrastructure, skill development, and ease of doing business.

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The state government has allocated Rs 136 crore as Central assistance to the state in 2019-20. It also provided additional funds for various schemes, including Rs 566 crore for the Rajasthan Integrated Power Development Program (Rip-Ganga), Rs 616 crore for the Mission Indradhanush. And Rs 456 crore for the Smart City Mission. The CM also reiterated his commitment to supporting farmers who are farmers. And taking care of the overall development of their family members.
The state’s revenue deficit is the highest in the country at Rs. 2,921 crores for the current financial year. A revised estimate of revenue collected from various sources released by the Budget Office on Tuesday. The government has budgeted to borrow Rs. 9,000 crores this fiscal to meet expenditure.”The state’s revenue deficit is highest after Odisha,” said Ajit Singh, president of Rajasthan Vikas Morcha (RVM). “This comes even as it had already increased its borrowing by Rs. 60 crores last year.”

Few key highlights of Rajasthan budget

CM Ashok Gehlot read the Old Budget speech for 7 minutes in Assembly. A few key highlights of the Rajasthan budget are given here:
The Rajasthan budget has been presented by CM Ashok Gehlot. He was made back to power in November 2018 elections. The CM presented the state budget for 2019-20. The last full financial year of the BJP government at the Assembly.
The state government had earlier announced that it would present its budget on April 9. Which will be the last day of the current session. The cabinet meeting was held at Raj Bhawan yesterday where CM Ashok Gehlot had taken note of most of the issues in his department.
In 2017 Rajasthan government had set a target of Rs 2.5 lakh crore to be spent on development works under an umbrella of ‘Development through Innovation’. The state government is focusing on digitalization, infrastructure building, and skill development. The budget was presented by CM Ashok Gehlot before the assembly session
In his budget speech, CM Ashok Gehlot announced the price rise of petrol. And diesel by Re 1, VAT on services increasing to 12 percent. An increase in cess on luxury cars, and other additions to the state’s revenue expenditure.
The biggest highlights of the budget were that CSR will be used to the fullest extent. And we will work on creating a water conservation fund for the state. CM Ashok Gehlot said that the tax rate would be adjusted in a phased manner. And there will be no cuts on interest rates. He also assured that no assets beyond Rs 50 lakhs would be displayed online on the government website and the official department must do so. We are also aiming for 1L households, which has increased from 27% last year to 45% this year,” said Gehlot.

Rajasthan cm profile

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has announced a host of social welfare schemes in his budget. The key highlights include a permanent disability allowance of Rs 1 lakh to the disabled and Rs 1.5 lakh to those with a partial disability, Rs 7,000 bonus for pregnant women. And a scholarship scheme costing Rs 11,000 crore was launched on the insistence of the education minister Vasudev Dev Khachar.
Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot was present in the Assembly to read his speech for the budget session. He is scheduled to give a detailed speech on the budget on 29 March 2019. The state budget for the 2019-20 financial year has been presented by Chief Minister (CM) Ashok Gehlot in the assembly today.
The budget presented by the government in the state assembly on Thursday offers a package of tax reliefs and incentives to investors. The budget is a major departure from the fiscal consolidation plans. It had announced for 2018-19 when it unveiled its plan for slashing fiscal deficit and wooing investors with record cash inflow.

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