Zerodha CEO reveals why never hired IIT, IIM Graduates

However, the companies look for talent from IIT and IIM. On the other end

Zerodha CEO reveals why never hired IIT, IIM Graduates

Zerodha CEO reveals why never hired IIT, IIM Graduates

Zerodha CEO reveals why never hired IIT, or IIM GraduatesZerodha CEO claims that although the company has hired many engineers from India and other countries. They don’t hire IIT or IIM graduates because of their lack of experience in the software development lifecycle. That presents the best tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Founded in 2011 by Aakash Somani and Arjun Gupta. It’s backed by prominent investors like Vy Capital, Helion Ventures, and Blume Finance.
In an exclusive interview with BusinessAndLifeHacker, the company’s CEO talks about how Zerodha treats current candidates. And how they differentiate themselves from other job-hunting portals.
The story of our company is about the ‘Purpose’, not the achievement. Our mission is to hire, train and develop the best talent available in India, to enable them to deliver on our ‘Purpose’. Zerodha CEO and Co-Founder of Zerodha, Pandurang Kadam shares his views on why they never hired IIT or IIM graduates. He is also known for being a speaker and trainer in various technical communication skill development workshops across the country.
Zerodha CEO says that it is not a good idea to hire IIT and IIM grads.Because they take longer time to adapt to the business than an MBA graduate. They also have higher salary expectations.
He said that IIT/IIM graduates are not into code writin. And they are great with numbers but lack the knowledge necessary to understand how your product works in its most basic mechanism.

Zerodha CEO prospects why they never try to hire IIT or IIM graduates

Zerodha, one of the leading financial services companies in India has expanded. Its executive team with the addition of a new senior management member. The company which has over 30 years of experience in the banking space. It is looking to hire talent who can contribute to its success. And who will build the company’s future by adding new capabilities, tools, and platforms. That enhance customer experience and allow it to compete at scale in today’s fast-changing environment.
Zerodha is a leading business-to-business email marketing and transactional email platform. Our mission is to democratize the world of email commerce. And make it easier for everyone to engage with their customers.
Zerodha is the leading global supplier of enterprise risk and compliance solutions and services. Their mission is to keep people safe by enabling organizations to manage their risks and comply with regulations.Whether they are complying with government or industry regulations.
IIT and IIM grads often try to get a job in the tech sector. It’s no surprise that we are seeing more companies like Zerodha getting into that space. If you think about it, every niche has been conquered by both graduates from IITs/IIMs. So why do companies like Zerodha not hire these young people?
It’s not that we don’t want to hire IIT or IIM graduates. We have an open door policy for anyone who wants to work at Zerodha. But we have found that over the years most of them tend to be less interested in a full-time position instead looking for part-time jobs.”
We’re passionate about helping people reach their goals. We believe that every team is special and deserves the very best talent. When we first started our operations. We had never hired anyone from the Indian Institute of Technology or Indian Institute of Management (IITs & IIMs) – both known for producing one of the top 5% of Indian engineers. Worldwide is just one example of how our attitude towards hiring has changed over time.”

Zerodha CEO profile

Zerodha CEO Rahul Malhotra explains why he doesn’t hire IIT and IIM grads, as well as other insights into the company. Zerodha is a leading online financial services company that enables people to manage their personal finances. The company was founded in 2003, and it has offices in Australia, India, Japan, and Singapore.
With the current market conditions and the challenges faced by companies. Zerodha has realized that it is better to hire experienced professionals rather than fresher graduates. Who are not aware of the industry even after working for years in their respective institutions.

Zerodha company profile

Zerodha is a financial technology company that enables anyone to invest in stocks and bonds, exchange funds, and make payments across borders. They have been given a candid response by the company. That gives an insight into the hiring process and helps to understand the reasons behind not hiring any such graduates.
The decision was made as the company identifies a very high level of talent coming out of the IITs and IIMs. Who are generally highly skilled in their field but often lack leadership skills. Even though they are good at their work. These individuals don’t have the broader qualities needed to be effective leaders within an organization. Thus, hiring them would mean losing out on good leaders in already scarce spaces within the tech market.

Zerodha Founder Nithin Kamath On How He Built The Company And Disrupted The Stock Market Brokerage Business In India
Zerodha is a blockchain-powered financial services platform. That wants to make the complex world of banking simple and accessible – without unnecessary costs and hassle. The company’s mission is to build an ecosystem where users can manage their money in any currency.And transfer it as needed, with ease.
In an interview with The Times of India, he revealed that he does not hire people based on their resumes.But on what their purpose is and how they can fit into the company. He also shared that his employees are very much involved during the initial stages of product development and are not just observers.

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