Zerodha Announces Rs. 10 Lakh Bonus as Fitness Challange

Zerodha Announces Rs. 10 Lakh Bonus as Fitness Challange

Zerodha Announces Rs. 10 Lakh Bonus as Fitness Challange

Zerodha is one of the leading financial company offer a new health challenge for employees so that they are aware of their fitness and take part in sport, workout, and health-related activities. Zerodha is taking a new approach to help its employees stay fit. They have announced that they will be giving Rs 10 lakh as a cash reward to any employee who maintains their fitness for the next 12 months.

Financial Company Zerodha said, “They releases the one month salary as a bonus for the employees who meet the challenge requirements. As a bonus, Employees can grab up to 10 Lakh rupees by winning the fitness challenge organized by the company Zerodha.

Now the company has its own fitness rules which are followed by all the employees everywhere. Anyone who can complete the challenge gets a one-month salary as a bonus and on another side, one lucky person can grab the 10 lakh rupees as a motivation kicker.

The Company was founded in 2010 and is better known for offering brokerage-free equity investments, institutional broking, and other trading features in the stock market with the help of the National and Bombay stock exchange. It is one of the best Indian financial service providers.

It set a benchmark for other companies by implementing fitness rules for employees. After the bad effect of the COVID pandemic and the smoky environment, being healthy is one of the necessary factors for a good livelihood.

Zerodha is encouraging its employees to be more healthy and fit by introducing a fitness challenge. The company has announced that it will provide Rs 10 lakh as an incentive to the first 10 employees who are willing to participate in the fitness challenge.

Zerodha, an online trading platform, has announced a Rs 10 lakh bonus for the company’s employees who maintain their fitness.

Zerodha, a leading Indian online brokerage firm, announced that it will be launching a fitness challenge to promote healthy living. The company will be offering Rs 10 lakhs as a bonus to the person who manages to lose the most weight in a year.

This contest is an effort by Zerodha to encourage employees and their families to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce stress levels. Zerodha has partnered with gyms such as Fitness First and Gold’s Gym for this initiative.

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