YouTube Introduces New Features For Educational Content

YouTube Introduces New Features For Educational Content

Ever since Google bought YouTube we have seen several changes and updates from time to time. Google has always been paying attention to its users and trying to share the best products and services and with the latest update that will be rolling out on YouTube, they have made it more clear.

This major update or a new feature can help content creators and institutions who use the YouTube platform as educational content grow and reach an even wider audience and be impactful at the same time.

On September 8, YouTube announced it was launching a new video player that can be embedded in educational apps that remove ads, external links, and recommendations that disturb viewers.

What it does is that it allows people to consume more infotainment content for themselves with these Ad-free players and recommendations will be open to choosing partners to start, including educational technology companies such as EDpuzzle, Google Classroom, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

Moving towards the monetization part YouTube also announced that they will be launching a new tool that allows educational content creators to collect their salaries. According to YouTube starting next year, any particular educational content creator can make free courses or paid courses with the features provided and earn money out of it. YouTube is finally taking monetization in a bigger way with the last update rolling out the “Sipper Thanks” feature for people to send donations to their favorite YouTubers.

In the future, if any viewers buy courses, they can watch ad-free content and play videos in the background. As usual, Indians will have to wait longer to use this feature since it will first come to users in the US and South Korea first in beta.

This was not the only update from YouTube, they have finally announced a new Quiz feature, in which Content creators can set up quizzes according to the content they create on the community tabs for their respective audiences. The beta version is still said to be a few months away but ever since the announcement the Content Creators and their audience have been super excited to try it out and engage on an even bigger scale.

YouTube is helping people build a full-fledged carrier out of Content Creation and with the recent updates supporting Content Creators, even more, it doesn’t take away the fact the competition is too much and those who are willing to hustle are going to cross the long bridge of success.

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