YouTube appoints Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

YouTube appoints Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO

YouTube appoints Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO

Neal Mohan is set to become the new CEO of YouTube. The Indian-American, who was born in Washington DC and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan will bring his digital marketing, advertising, and customer experience expertise to the company,” YouTube said in a statement after the appointment was made official.”
An Indian-American with a background in engineering, Mohan joined Google in 1998 and became one of its top engineers. In 2014, he was promoted to president of YouTube, where he led both product and strategy development at the online video platform
Google today announced that it has named Neal Mohan as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mohan will report to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and be responsible for the company’s overall strategy, including product development and its impact on users and society.
As the company’s new CEO, Mohan will oversee all of Google’s business ventures, including YouTube and other video services. The announcement comes just days after YouTube installed former Warner Music Group COO Lyor Cohen as president of its music division.
He was chosen as the director of product management and head of content strategy and operations, after serving as senior vice president. Before he took over, the former executive held several large roles in digital advertising technology and mobile video projects, including at BuzzFeed and Brightcove.
Who will take charge of YouTube after Susan Wojcicki who has decided to leave office. The board appointed Ellen Kullman as the new chairman of YouTube. While she replaced Saranga Pairety as vice president, chief financial officer, and secretary.
YouTube’s new leader has more than 15 years of experience leading global businesses across media publishing. And technology including Yahoo, MySpace, and Reliance Digital among others. He also oversaw the growth of mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

New YouTube CEO Appointment

YouTube has named Indian-American Neal Mohan as its new CEO and has tapped Adam Bain as COO. The two are the latest additions to what is already an all-star team of executives at YouTube.
Neal Mohan is the new CEO of YouTube. He has worked at Google since 1991, holding various responsibilities in product management, engineering, and sales. He replaces Susan Wojcicki and will take over on February 20th, 2023.
Mohan will take over from Susan Wojcicki in May, according to TechCrunch reporter Sarah Frier. Mohan has been Google’s chief product officer for the past year, taking over from Salar Kamangar who left to join Uber as its founder and CEO. A former Microsoft executive and veteran Silicon Valley veteran, Mohan stands as an interesting choice given his continued role at Google (both in product management and board work) despite his widely reported exit three years ago. He established a reputation early on as an advocate for diversity within Google while working on its administration of Googlers focused on women’s issues and other underrepresented groups”

Who is Neal Mohan? Indian-American to replace YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki as she steps downYouTube appointed Cindy Rose, who has led Google’s global content operations for the past decade and will now be acting CEO of YouTube for the remainder of this calendar year. As interim CEO, Rose will oversee the fully redesigned YouTube site, which launches in 2020 and will feature an updated interface with a new look and feel, as well as new features to help users find their favorite creators.
YouTube has appointed Indian-American Neal Mohan as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mohan was most recently Google Inc. senior vice president of Big Ideas and Strategic Initiatives at Google. He will take over from Susan Wojcicki, who is leaving after six years in the top job.”
The executive team for YouTube is expanding. Neal Mohan, who has served as chief technology officer since 2013, will take the reins of Google’s video-sharing platform. He succeeds Susan Wojcicki — who took over as CEO in 2015, following the death of her predecessor, Chad Hurley — and becomes the company’s first Indian-American boss.

Neal Mohan profile

YouTube has just hired a new CEO, Neal Mohan, as it continues its global expansion. Mohan will be replacing Salar Kamangarkar at the helm of YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) subsidiary Google. Mohan is currently Senior Vice President of the Google Cloud Platform group and was previously Vice President of Machine Intelligence at Google Brain. His computer vision startup research lab was acquired by Google last year for an undisclosed amount.
YouTube CEO changes, Neal Mohan is the new CEO of YouTube. He has been with the company for almost 10 years now, starting as a product manager.
YouTube has appointed the former Walt Disney Co. senior executive Neal Mohan as its new CEO. The appointment makes Mohan the third consecutive Indian-American to run YouTube, following CHime and Susan Wojcicki. YouTube’s financial performance has improved under previous CEOs Susan Wojcicki and Salar Kamangar, but investors want to see quicker growth from the video network.
YouTube has announced that it has named Neal Mohan as its new CEO. Mohan will be taking over for Salar Kamangar and he will be working with an advisory board. That includes such YouTube luminaries as Susan Wojcicki, COO of YouTube; General Catalyst’s Josh James; former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and many more.
The new YouTube CEO’s history of success includes a 23-year career at Google. Where he rose through the ranks to become a senior vice president of global sales and operations. Among his other executive positions are those at Fox Interactive Media, Instagram, the Walt Disney Company, and Facebook. He also held board positions at Marvell Semiconductor, NextVR, and Microsoft.

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