Twitter employee who was found sleeping on office floor gets fired

According to multiple media reports

Twitter employee who was found sleeping on office floor gets fired

A Twitter employee was fired for sleeping on the office floor. The incident took place on Monday and the company released a statement about it on Wednesday afternoon. The company said the incident was a “distraction” . And that it took place during a transition period that had already started to help streamline the organization.
A Twitter employee has been fired after being found sleeping on the floor of their office by another worker. The incident occurred in early August but news of it only recently surfaced. When Twitter issued a statement saying that “the behavior we observed took place over some time and was not so isolated.”
An employee at Twitter was found sleeping on the office floor by another employee, prompting the company to fire him. The incident took place on a Sunday morning. Which is when most employees take an unscheduled day off from work.
A Twitter employee sleeping in his office, who does the company any good whatsoever? Not for this boss. A Twitter employee was fired for taking a nap on the floor of his office. The company confirmed that the employee had been terminated. But didn’t specify the reason behind his dismissal. “That’s right, we’re firing the individual who was found sleeping on the office floor this morning. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself,” said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during an interview with Cheddar. I’ve been told that the former employee sleeping on the floor was fired.

How Twitter Makes Money: Advertising and Data LicensingA social media manager for the company tweeted about his boss’s reaction to finding him sleeping in an office on the floor. He was fired due to “working from home” without permission and violating Twitter’s policy against working from home.
The company said that its human resources department conducted an investigation. And found no evidence of an illness or medical condition that would cause such behavior. This is a big deal and could have been avoided. If the employee had been more responsible with their work. A Twitter employee who was caught sleeping on the office floor has been fired. According to a report by Quartz. The employee allegedly alerted her manager that she was unable to wake up. Because she was having trouble breathing.
This incident occurs at a time when many companies are struggling to retain employees. Its in the face of high unemployment rates, low wages, and other economic problems. The company said it had been alerted by other employees. That Levine was sleeping in the office but failed to act.”
A Twitter employee who was found sleeping on the office floor got fired for using this as an excuse nearly two months ago. The company has stated that a second employee at the San Francisco office was fired after just eight weeks of employment. The company said in a statement that “safety is at the heart of everything we do, and regrettably we sometimes allow our values to fall short.”

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