The Heart of Work by SV Nathan

SV Nathan, a Sri Lankan writer, is the author of the award-winning short story collection “The Heart of Work” and teaches at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her latest novella collection, “Sea on Fire”, was published in 2016 by Broken River Press.

This is the first book of short stories by SV Nathan, one of the leading writers in Malaysia. This short stories book features 20 different stories, including his most iconic ones such as “The Heart of Work”, “Seaweed”, and “Wedding Versions”. Each story is unique in its own way by exploring different aspects of family life, career, and relationships.

The Heart of Work by SV Nathan is a collection of short stories, portraying the lives of people living in the city. It gives you a glimpse into the life of some people like us who live in the big city and are looking for jobs every day and we are not getting anything done. SV Nathan paints a picture to tell us that we are faced with many problems but there is still hope for us.

That brings together micro-stories of those who work in the multicultural service sector of the city. Including stories from a waitress at a Vietnamese food joint to a postman; from cleaners in hotels to doctors in a hospital, from chocolatiers to shop assistants, this collection of twee and hilarious tales shows that work is everywhere and everyone has their stories.

That is now available for order via The book features 7 short stories, exploring the dynamics and connections between co-workers, bosses, shareholders, and employees. A must-read for business leaders and employees alike.

That is a collection of new works by Singapore writer SV Nathan. Published in a limited edition hardback, this book is an insight into one of the most fascinating minds in Singapore’s literary scene. Sharing stories written both on paper and on his blog, he has crafted each story with care and thought – understanding the heightened emotions that come with being human while also presenting the complexities of our everyday lives, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary.

SV Nathan is a Sri Lankan author and businessman who started writing at age 21. He published his first book ‘The Heart of Work’ in early 2018 with the ‘Flow’ publishing house and made it available in Sri Lanka and the United States. His first novel ‘The World that I See’ was also published by Flow in 2017, followed by his second novel ‘Together’, which was released in February 2019. His short stories book ‘Songs for the Apocalypse’ was released in November 2018.

That is a new short story collection, written by SV Nathan and published by the all-you-can-read digital distributor, Smashwords. The title refers to the very heart of work, which is often hard to see. He addresses the ups and downs of life as well as what actually makes working interesting

Collection of moving and inventive stories that explore the world of work. You’ll be shocked, surprised, and challenged to think about work in a new way!

This book is the third in a series of short stories. It was first published in 2017 as a single issue, then collected as a stand-alone book in 2018. The Heart of Work is also available as an eBook. It’s set following SV Nathan’s debut novel and will make you hungry for more…

After several books in the role of the scribe, SV Nathan is finally at ease with his own stories. The Heart of Work introduces us to the mysterious world of Michael and Lucia, who always seem to know just what they need before they need it. This short story is written in response to the challenge many readers have raised regarding writers’ inconsistency, whether in writing style or content; here, however, Nathan has pulled it off.

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