TCS iON offers a 15-day free digital certification program

TCS iON offers a 15-day free digital certification program

Today, despite having so much advanced technology, we are unable to fight unemployment. On the one hand, where the life of the youth was going towards darkness due to lack of employment, whereas, on the other hand, TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) is determined to hire as many employees as possible. TCS is continuously running a 15-day digital training certification program, through which a better job opportunity is being provided to the youth who have passed graduation recently.

It aims to provide the basics education, which helps students get placed in reputed organization TCS. For 15 days, there is one or two experts are present under one roof to train the youth. The course includes reasoning, verbal aptitude, math, English, and interview practices. In 15 days, students need to grab the beneficial part of the education so that they can qualify for the exams, interviews, and job placements.

TCS iON career edge provides some important modules during the two weeks of the course

Communicate to impress: Helps in enhancing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills by using appropriate conversational English

Deliver projects or presentations with impact: You get a chance to learn how to create and deliver engaging and effective presentations in front of seniors or audiences.

Develop soft skills for the corporate workplace: By understanding the module, you get the importance of soft skills to achieve better results after completing the sessions.

Get Support from Career Trainers: For a better start to your career, work on a good plan and strategies with the expertise of experienced trainers

Learn to write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter: You become aware of How to Build a Strong Resume and Cover Letter for the further process of interviews and hiring

Stay ahead in group discussions: Learn why group discussions are held and learn to participate actively, as it helps to build a great leadership quality in you

ACE Corporate Interview: Figure out how to join and excel in corporate interviews

Write Effective Emails: Design a Professional Email with Impressive Content and a Strong Subject Line to impress the seniors of the corporate environment

Learn corporate telephone etiquette: Know the etiquette to observe work- related telecalls during working hours

Understand Accounting Fundamentals: Understand the principles and concepts of accounting with an overview of financial statements

To join the TCS iON 15-day program, undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduate students can easily avail themselves to get jobs further.

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