Snake In Guwahati Stadium Stops Play In 2nd India vs South Africa T20I

Snake In Guwahati Stadium Stops Play

Snake In Guwahati Stadium Stops Play In 2nd India vs South Africa T20I

The snake caused quite a scare, as it slithered across the field in front of players and spectators. The match was eventually called off, much to the disappointment of the fans.

This is not the first time a snake has caused problems at a cricket match. Snakes have been known to cause all sorts of chaos at sporting events around the world.


What Happened During the Cricket Match in Guwahati?

You were probably watching the cricket match between India and South Africa when all of a sudden, something rather unexpected happened.

A snake suddenly appeared on the pitch, right in the middle of the game! This caused a delay in proceedings as both teams and the umpires tried to figure out what to do.


How Did the Snake Get Onto the Pitch?

How did the snake get onto the pitch? That’s the question that everyone’s asking after the critter delayed play in the 2nd India vs South Africa T20I.

It’s not clear how the snake got onto the field, but it caused a bit of a commotion when it did. Players, coaches, and spectators all stopped what they were doing to watch as the snake slithered around.

The organizers eventually managed to catch the snake and take it away, but not before causing a bit of a delay. Luckily, play resumed after a short break and India went on to win the match.


What Did the Players Do When They Saw the Snake?

As the players jogged out onto the pitch for the start of the 2nd T20I between India and South Africa, they were met with a surprise—a SNAKE was slithering about on the turf!

Naturally, the players were understandably startled by this sight and stopped in their tracks. Some of them even took pictures and videos of the snake before it get away into the stands.

After a few minutes of confusion and discussion, it was decided that the match would be delayed until the snake was removed from the stadium. This incident provided some much-needed comic relief in what has been a tense series thus far.

As the snake made its way across the field, the crowd could be heard gasping and shrieking in terror. Many people were so scared they started to run, while others were just trying to take pictures or videos of the reptile. It was quite a spectacle!

Lastly, the snake was captured and removed from the stadium, but not before causing a delay of nearly 30 minutes. India went on to win the match by 8 wickets, but I’m sure everyone involved would have preferred to have avoided such an unusual incident.

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