SEZ rules allow WFH to all IT/ITes till December 31, 2023

SEZ rules allow WFH to all IT/ITes till December 31, 2023

SEZ rules allow WFH to all IT/ITes till December 31, 2023

The new rules regarding work-from-home have come into effect, allowing companies to allow work-from-home till December 31, 2023.

The following are the new rules:

-No more WFH to ITes beyond December 31, 2023

-No more WFH to other companies until their application is accepted by the government

The sez rules allow the employees to work from home till December 31, 2023. The employees will be paid for their working hours throughout the day and night time. This is a great opportunity for the employees who have been looking forward to working from home. The small and medium enterprises (SEZs) in India are now allowed to hire work-from-home employees up to December 31, 2023.

The government has made it clear that SEZs can hire workers at home as long as they are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. This will allow them to focus on their core business while having an additional set of eyes and ears on their premises.

This is part of a push by the government to improve industrial growth and encourage more companies to move out of the capital cities and into smaller towns. The SEZ policy aims at increasing employment opportunities for people living in urban areas, especially women, who have been traditionally left out due to their inability to travel long distances to different offices or factories.

WFH is allowed under the SEZ rules till December 31, 2023.

The new rules regarding working from home will allow companies to hire workers on a part-time basis or as full-time employees.The company profile of the SEZs has been changed to include information about how WFH is allowed under the new rules.

The SEZ Act has been amended to allow companies to work from home till December 31, 2023. The rules on working from home will be relaxed for IT and ITes companies, who can conduct their business from home or other offices.

The new rules regarding working from home are as follows:

  1. Only companies with more than 100 employees and less than 500 employees can use WFH without a permit from the government.
  2. Work from home may not be done regularly for more than 5 days during any given month unless the company has made it clear that it’s okay for employees to do so.
  3. Companies must provide an email address and phone number for their employees who work remotely, whether they’re at home or elsewhere in the office.

People working from home are the future, and companies want to be a part of that.

With the new SEZ rules regarding working from home, companies can now hire people who work remotely. This means that you don’t have to be physically in their office to get the job done. You can work from anywhere in India, which means you can take care of tasks while traveling or enjoying your vacation without worrying about missing deadlines or losing money.

The benefits of remote working are endless:

– More convenience

– Less stress

– Less travel time spent commuting (and saving on gas)

– Better quality control because they don’t have to deal with distractions caused by office noise or interruptions from coworkers

– Reduced overhead costs since they don’t have to pay for overhead such as rent for an office space

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