Pfizer India announces 12 weeks of paternity leave for employees

Pfizer India will become the first multinational pharmaceutical company in India to offer paternity leave for its employees. Pfizer’s Executive Leadership team has decided that the company will now provide 12 weeks of paternity leave for all eligible employees in the country through its Employee Benefits program.

Pfizer India recently announced that they will grant 12 weeks of paternity leave to all employees. This infusion of new paternity benefits is being offered as a benefit to employees who are expecting a child and who are continuously employed with the company by the end of June.

Pfizer India has announced that it will be offering 12 weeks of paternity leave for mothers and fathers in its three locations in the country. This is the first paternity leave policy at a multinational company of this kind of policy marks a giant leap forward in terms of employee welfare as it provides incentives to parents, including childcare and deployment assistance.

The company will also offer the option to take up to 3 months of maternity leave and two-thirds of his or her salary during maternity leave.

Pfizer Inc., a New York-based US pharmaceutical company, has now announced that it has appointed its new paternity leave policy for all employees. The 12 weeks of full paid paternity leave will be given to new fathers who are expecting their first child.

Pfizer’s new paternity leave policy, now in effect for new fathers, is designed to help employees bond with their newborn children and provide a better support system during a time of transition.

Pfizer is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. The U.S.-based global specialty healthcare business focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing medicines and vaccines for animal health, and human and veterinary patients.

Pfizer India announces to grant 12 weeks of paid paternity leave for eligible employees. The policy will be effective from 1st day of service

The company is hoping the new policy will have a positive impact on employee retention in the long run.

Pfizer India announced the above paternity leave new policy. This is the official announcement made by Pfizer on its UPI and PR website. The company is expected to hire thousands of male professionals this year, while they are also planning to take up a better parental leave policy to retain them.

Pfizer India is the largest profit-making pharmaceutical group in the country, with a global footprint and over 16,000 employees across 17 factories, 10 legal entities, and five business centers. The company has two business streams: Consumer Healthcare (C); and Diagnosis Oriented Pharmaceuticals (D). Pfizer India is looking to become one of India’s leading healthcare companies by generating more than $2 billion in revenues.

Pfizer Global R&D, the research and development arm of the global pharmaceutical company Pfizer, has announced 12 weeks of paternity leave for its employees in India. This is an initiative to encourage more men to take up responsibilities within the family and at work.

The new benefit allows any newly-born child to be a part of their parent’s life, while they are still at a critical stage of development. The company also said that this benefit will be rolled out in phases, based on employee feedback and employee engagement records.

The company said the move aims to help give family members time off in cases of illness and caregiving responsibilities, protect their safety and promote equality in the workplace.

Established in 1849, Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical company. It designs and distributes medicines and vaccines primarily for human and animal health care. Its products include an extensive line of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and vaccines, as well as nutritional and medical foods.

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