Pension Adalat or EPS’95 Pensioners/members & EPFO officers

Earlier, A high-level committee has proposed

Pension Adalat or EPS’95 Pensioners/members & EPFO officers

Pension Adalat or Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation Pensioners/members & EPFO officers are the two important benefits of any employee and if you are interested then you can contact us at Vastu-solutions with our client satisfaction guarantee.
The EPFO Pensioners/Members will get the following benefits through this mode of payment for their pension. The Pensioners/members may seek their pension and gratuity benefits if they are not satisfied with the actions/decisions of their employer.

The Pension Adalat is a specialized forum set up by the central government to serve,the interest of pensioners/employees on behalf of CGE.

Pension Adalat is the Pensions and Benefits Tribunalwhich was established to adjudicate disputes between pensioners/employees and the Pension Fund. The Pension Adalat decided its first case in December 2004, thus initiating one of the most far-reaching legislative changes in India’s history. Its main objective is to help EPFO members and retired employees get their pension benefits in their own names.

The scheme is subscribed to by the Pension Fund by making Accts with various financial institutions and Investment Managers. The employee has to pay a nominal annual premium as well as a contribution towards the medical and hospital expenses of the insured person.
The Benefits of Pension Adalat are as below
These benefits can be availed by pensioners who had retired from the Public Sector and the Central Government employees. The PPP & PSHED Act provides for certain rights to the widows, parents, dependents, and children of EPFO officers. You may also read about how to get a pension from EPS’95 in the Pension Adalat section.
Members/Pensioners can apply for Pension Benefits and get their Pension Adalat done online through the EPFO website at The pension Adalat can be filed by the members/pensioners/officer themselves or by one among the relatives of the Pensioner or Pension Officer as per their choice.
It mainly focuses on providing comprehensive information about provident fund schemes and other pension schemes. The period of service and the number of years relevant to the application are relevant to the calculation of a pension only. Pension Adalat services are provided by the exclusive authorities of Allahabad. Pension Adalat provides a platform for the members of Pensioners & employees of EPFO to resolve their claims and also issues.
Past Pensioners & EPFO officers can get the benefit of Pension Adalat by submitting their application form & duly paying the prescribed fees. Pension Adalat is a pension advisory and counseling service under the budget of the Pension Agency UOI. This is to provide guidance to all retired employees/pensioners in terms of their future needs, issues related to retirement pensions, rights and etc.

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The Employee’s Provident Fund pensioners and members can get the benefits of Pension Adalat as follows:

  • Pension Adalat will be allowed for all eligible members. The benefit is decided by the member and employer’s contributions.
  • The pensioners/members need not submit any claim forms at the time of filing their claims
  • There are no other terms, conditions, or restrictions that may intervene in the process
  • Subject to claims having been approved, adjustment order, or trade adjustment agreement taking their place once they expire. There is no need to re-submit a claim
  • The procedure of adjusting the standstill period (if any) based on OMMA with other schemes is governed by OMMA.

The main objective of Pension Adalat is to give equitable and just treatment to pensioners. Who cannot get their pensions due to various reasons.
Types of pension Adalat. There are two types of Pension Adalat. The first is the Pension Adalat which helps persons who have retired from service before 01-01-2006.

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