No Layoffs at TCS, instead will like to hire impacted people

The company's 70% of US employees are Americans.

No Layoffs at TCS, instead will like to hire impacted people

Tata Consultancy Services is not leading big layoff programs. The company has decided to hire around 7,000 people in its diverse set of business processes as we work to build and retain a talent-rich workforce for our clients.
TCS India provides technology-based services to a wide range of organizations in industry and government, such as the IT industry, financial institutions, consulting firms, and telecom companies.
We are committed to hiring talented people and offering them the right work-life balance. We make sure employees have the space they need to grow and develop at TCS while supporting them in finding a family-friendly work-life balance.”
We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that transform the way people and businesses live, work and communicate. We believe everyone deserves access to advise and services from the people. Who know them best: their friends and families. Our proprietary digital engagement solutions empower people to make the most of their busy lives by enabling them to stay connected wherever they are.
TCS has received an offer from the Government of India to absorb all its employees and business partners. Who may be impacted by the government’s reform program.
TCS to create 2,000 job openings in India. TCS has also become one of the biggest technology employers globally with more than 1.3 million people on its rolls across 120 countries worldwide, which is over half of its total workforce (1.9 million) based in India alone.
Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational IT services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has operations in 36 countries.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a software services provider with a turnover of 269 billion INR and over 3000 employees in India. It provides IT consulting, BPO, and offshore delivery services. The company expanded its international presence in the US market by acquiring several former Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) in 2005. TCS’s North American operations make up the largest part of their global revenues which was worth $1.7 billion during FY 2007-08.[3] TCS is headquartered in Bangalore, India (One Toran Road), with regional offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, and Chennai.[1] TCS has conducted two rounds of layoffs since 1998, first in 1998 when it laid off 1% of people within a month, then again in 2001 when it laid off 15% of people within 40 days.

No Layoffs at TCS

We will like to inform you that TCS is not going to make any layoffs. Instead, we will be hiring impacted people who have been impacted by the main incident.
TCS solutions help clients build, secure, operate, and deliver solutions that meet their most important business needs in areas such as financial accounting and analysis, human resource management, and risk management.
It has been created over 100 years ago with a vision to serve every end user in India. TCS also has a diverse portfolio of businesses and operates in more than 80 countries worldwide. With an outstanding record of innovation and an extensive history, TCS is today India’s most trusted brand for business process outsourcing (BPO), software development, and technology consulting services.
Tata Consultancy Services has announced that they will not be laying off any employees. And instead are looking to hire people who have been impacted by this incident.
The company will offer a salary of 320,000 per annum to the impacted employees. It is an employee retention plan and is in line with TCS’s tradition of offering integration activities to all its employees post-attrition.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an information technology and business process services company, founded in 1968 by J.R.D. Tata provides integrated systems and consulting services to clients in India and other emerging economies. It is one of the largest software companies in the world by revenue.
TCS delivers services by consulting with clients, developing new software and systems for client companies, and providing training on applications. TCS has a global presence in more than 175 countries with a customer base of over 100,000 businesses.

Tata Consultancy services profile

Tata Consultancy Services is a place where people can make a difference. Its diverse industry opportunities are attracting some of the best talents in India and around the world. Saying this, if you’re looking for a challenging and fulfilling role. That offers a great pay package and leaves you well-positioned to grow further, get in touch with us.
Tata Consultancy Services has denied reports of layoffs at its Kerala office, saying that it does not plan to reduce the high number of employees in the state.
Tata Consultancy Services is a global leader in the IT, and services business. TCS operates as an IT-enabled partner for our clients enabling them to do business better. For us, it’s about building strong relationships with our customers. And its creating a culture in which each individual is respected and valued for their contribution.
Tata Consultancy’s services profile is one of the best in India and globally. We are a brand of trust, quality, and excellence. For more information please visit our website at
Yes, in light of recent changes at TCS, we are very proud to announce. That we’ve come up with a plan to hire impacted people from our client base. The initiative was taken after we found out that the company had been working on this plan for some time. We have suggested that recruits should be given long-term contracts. And skilled people will be trained to take up key roles in their departments. This move is a great boost for us as well as for those who wish to work with us for the long term.
Instead will like to hire impacted people.
We have taken various steps, including offering employee transition packages. It to ensure that impacted employees are transitioned smoothly.

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