Microsoft to train over 100K developers on cloud in India

Microsoft to train over 100K developers on cloud in India

Microsoft is going to train over 100K developers on the cloud in India and aims to create a large community of cloud developers. According to Microsoft, the company will train over 100K developers on the cloud in India. The training program will help them understand the basics of cloud computing and develop their skills.

The training program will be held at various colleges and universities in India and run through online videos, workshops, and hands-on sessions. Microsoft is gearing up for a big push into India with a new training program for developers.

The company said it plans to train over 100,000 developers on Microsoft cloud technologies in India over the next three years. The program is part of the company’s broader efforts to expand its presence in the country, which has seen a rapid rise in demand for IT services since Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved his country to provide free Internet access via digital services like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The new educational center will be located in Bangalore, and the center will employ 200 people. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that India has the potential to become a global leader in software development, especially cloud computing.

The Microsoft company profile is a comprehensive resource for those interested in learning about the company and its products. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who was inspired by the Xerox Alto personal computer. The first version of Windows was released in 1983, and since then, Microsoft has become one of the most successful technology companies in the world.

Microsoft’s new training program for India is designed to help developers and IT professionals transition to the cloud. The company says that it wants to train over 100,000 developers and IT professionals in cloud computing by 2020. The program will begin with a pilot in Bengaluru, which has a large developer community.

Microsoft has announced a new training program in India that will train over 100,000 developers on cloud applications. The goal of the program is to help more Indian developers learn how to use Microsoft technologies and make them more skilled in cloud-based development. The new program will be run by Microsoft’s local partner, Dev Bootcamp, and will cover all aspects of cloud application development, including services, platforms, and frameworks.

The company said that the new partnership with Dev Bootcamp will help it reach out to thousands of Indian developers who are interested in learning how to develop cloud applications. The company also said that the new partnership will help it provide better support for its customers and partners by giving them access to the latest technology advancements and best practices for developing cloud applications.”

Microsoft is expanding its cloud training program in India to train over 100,000 developers on the cloud. The company announced today that it will be offering free online training for developers who want to learn how to use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

“We’re proud to partner with Microsoft as they bring cutting-edge technology to our country,” said Ravi Kumar, Minister of Technology and Manufacturing. “Their commitment to educating developers on their new cloud platform will help us advance our economy even further.”

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