McDonald’s to sack employees; CEO Chris Kempczinski confirms

McDonald’s has confirmed that it will be sacking staff in response to poor results

CEO Chris Kempczinski has said, “Our turnaround plan is focused on execution and our performance has not met the targets”. McDonald’s will be banning employees from accepting tips for the time being, after critics complained that workers cannot afford to lead a decent life. Company CEO Chris Kempczinski will also confirm the move. Reporters also asked about the possibility of part-time workers or intern programs being formed at large fast-food chains like McDonald’s.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said the company would begin to implement a “slight cost-saving and efficiency” as it aims to boost its global sales by 2.5 percent.

McDonald’s suspects were fired after learning or suspecting that they had been supplied with tainted meat. That prompted McDonald’s to tighten its procedures at source by requiring that the restaurants have their own independent audit that can be done on a daily basis.”

McDonald’s will start offering buy-one-get-one deals at all its stores in the U.S. and Canada starting on Wednesday, a day after it said it would hire an unspecified number of people across the company and franchisees.

The news that the CEO of McDonald’s said he was going to sack 100 employees has sent shock waves through the world of fast food, with one analyst saying they’d be “lucky” to keep them employed there after hearing about it.

McDonald’s Corp. is set to lay off thousands of workers, executives said Thursday, cutting nearly 3% of its global workforce as it seeks to return to profitability by next year.

McDonald’s is not just known for preparing delicious burgers and fries, but also for its innovative menu with a variety of options and customers can even customize their orders.

McDonald’s is expected to cut up to 14,000 jobs, and its CEO confirmed the move in a CNBC interview. In the interview Wednesday, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said his company would have to reduce its number of employees “through natural attrition.” Details of how many workers will be laid off and when it might happen have not been revealed by McDonald’s or management.

McDonald’s is preparing to reduce its workforce by thousands, after years of growth and even more expansion. CEO Chris Kempczinski confirmed that layoffs could hit stores worldwide as early as Monday afternoon. Sales also fell short of expectations in the last quarter and raised concerns about a global supply chain challenge not yet fully addressed by the company. Investor concern has lingered since McDonald’s previous earnings call in early July. The company has closed nearly a dozen underperforming restaurants since October 2018.

McDonald’s has confirmed the identities of 250 employees who will be laid off immediately. The company made the announcement to the stock market on Tuesday.

McDonald’s workers get the green light to unionize

McDonald’s is pulling back on expansion plans, however not due to the various food issues it has been facing, but rather a company-wide effort in which all employees will be affected. The company wants to focus most on operations, leading to the termination of 75% of its employees while reducing only 20%.

Macdonald’s will be closing over 700 stores worldwide in a cost-cutting program to cut costs, the company announced.

McDonald’s is not only destroying the economic fabric of communities, but it is also tearing families apart.

The company is considering axing workers as it reduces costs and increases profitability for a turnaround.

McDonald’s Corp. is investigating allegations that the company discriminated against black applicants for jobs and had an illegal hiring practice to skirt a recruitment ban on black workers.

McDonald’s said it will close hundreds of restaurants in the U.S. and around the world, part of CEO Don Thompson’s plan to reshape the world’s biggest restaurant chain after an internal review.

McDonald’s global CEO Chris Kempczinski said that the company is hiring 3,500 employees, or 12 percent of its workforce, as part of a plan to streamline its operations.  And while he offered no details about specific job cuts, he did say that employees working in corporate functions will be affected as well as those employed in restaurants.

McDonald’s is reportedly planning to cut 1/3 of its employees

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