Mahindra Group appoints Ankit Todi as Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Mahindra Group appoints Ankit Todi as Group Chief Sustainability Officer

The Mahindra Group has announced the appointment of Ankit Todi as the new Group Chief Sustainability Officer. Since joining the Mahindra Group in 2022, Ankit has been instrumental in shaping the group’s refreshed ‘Planet Positive’ sustainability strategy.

Ankit has anchored the Group Sustainability CEO Council and led the Mahindra Group’s engagement with prestigious global platforms such as the World Economic Forum, United Nations Global Compact, and Sustainable Markets Initiative, in addition to various domestic industry associations. He reports to Abanti Sankaranarayanan, Group Public Affairs Officer, Mahindra Group and Member of the Group Executive Board.

Commenting on the appointment, Abanti said, “Ankit’s promotion from within the organization underscores Mahindra Group’s commitment to nurturing a robust pipeline of future leaders. Ankit has driven strong outcomes by integrating business strategy with sustainability initiatives.”

She added, “He has significantly contributed to driving sustainability roadmaps and actions across the Group’s businesses, reinforcing Mahindra’s credibility as a planet-positive business group.”

Prior to joining Mahindra, Ankit spent seven years in management consulting at Bain & Company. He is passionate about the clean-tech ecosystem and actively works to introduce innovations to Group Companies by engaging with the start-up ecosystem.

Ankit holds a Master’s degree in Information & Communication Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

He is a member of the prestigious ‘Mahindra Accelerated Leadership Track’ (MALT), a marquee leadership program conducted in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, aimed at building a strong talent pool.

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