Jio announces new international roaming plans ahead of FIFA world cup 2022

Jio announces new international roaming plans ahead of FIFA world cup 2022

Jio announces new international roaming plans ahead of FIFA world cup 2022

The telecom operator has unveiled a new plan that will allow users to make and receive calls and messages, without having to pay for data as well. This is in addition to the existing tariff plans that allow users to make calls and send messages for free within India.

The company has also announced that it will be offering unlimited voice calling and messaging across the globe through its Jio Caller ID feature, which was first introduced in August last year. The company is currently offering this service in select countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

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This is good news for customers who were already using the service abroad but were unable to make calls or send messages because they had not bought enough data. The new plan should help them avoid paying extra charges while traveling overseas.”

The company announced new international roaming plans yesterday, including a 20% discount for customers who use Jio during the tournament.

The plan also includes unlimited data and voice calls to all countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Customers will be able to make calls through Jio’s app or web portal, or via any other phone number in these regions. The plan is available for postpaid users only.

Jio has been offering international roaming since last year with its partner Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., which provides services across Asia Pacific countries like India and China as well as South America. Last month, it launched a similar plan for customers in the U.S., offering unlimited calls within the country as well as free texting and data when traveling abroad by air or sea (but not landline calls).

Jio has announced that it will be offering new international roaming plans for its users ahead of the FIFA world cup 2022. The company will be offering two plans: One with a maximum speed of 4G and another one with a maximum speed of 5G. The new plans will be available from the start of September 2020 onwards.

The company said that the new plan would be available at an introductory rate of Rs 49 per day, which would go up to Rs 999 per month after 12 months.

The company also said that it was looking forward to bringing more value to its customers through these plans.

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