IT raid BBC Delhi & Mumbai office, employees’ phones seized

According to reports, a team of IT officials arrived at the BBC Studios office in Kalina Santacruz around 11.30 am. There have been over 100 employees

IT raid BBC Delhi & Mumbai office, employees’ phones seized

IT raid BBC Delhi & Mumbai office, employees’ phones seized

In a step ahead of the next IT raids on the offices in Mumbai and Delhi. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized mobile phones and laptops of employees at the headquarters of some top news channels in Mumbai. The raid was conducted by ED officials who were accompanied by police officers.
A raid was conducted in the offices of BBC Delhi & Mumbai, where all employees’ phones were seized. The action, which lasted for several hours, ended at around 4:20 p.m. A senior official said that it was a routine inspection carried out by the Official Assurance Committee of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
This is to inform you that we have received information regarding some illegal activities being carried out by our employees. We have conducted an investigation and found. That they have been accessing unauthorized accounts and passwords of those websites that are used for fraudulent activities. So we want to inform you that we are raiding the BBC offices in Mumbai and Delhi as well as seizing their phones.
IT raid to the offices of the Delhi BBC office, IT seized employees’ phones. IT raided to Mumbai BBC office, IT seized employees’ phones.
The CBI, on Wednesday, raided the premises of BBC in Mumbai and Delhi. And seized their employees’ phones. This raid was carried out after an FIR was filed against one Rajesh Kumar Agarwal. Who is ex-MD and MD of Telecasting Corporation Limited.
IT raids have been going on in India since 2007, but they were mainly targeted at major corporate offices and companies. But this time around, it’s a different story. As per reports coming out of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, IT authorities have raided every single office of BBC Worldwide India that falls under their jurisdiction. BBC News has been forced to suspend its broadcast of Newsnight following a suspected internal leak.

IT raid to the offices of Mumbai

The IT Department raided BBC offices in Delhi & Mumbai on Monday. The details of the raid are not known, but employees have been asked to hand over their mobile phones so that they can be examined for any deleted or deleted data.
The IT department of the Bombay Stock Exchange has conducted raids at the offices of the BBC in Mumbai and Delhi. All of their smartphones as well as other devices have been seized. It is unclear whether they were operating within the law or not, but they were likely used for inappropriate activities like insider trading, which are illegal.
The IT raid on the offices of Mumbai at around 8.00 pm complete with big media and showbiz celebrities, artists and their colleagues has taken a new turn.
IT raid to the offices of Mumbai and Delhi. IT seized the employee’s phones. They have also searched all their laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices
An IT raid was carried out between 03:00 and 04:00 this morning at the offices of the BBC in Mumbai and Delhi. During this operation, 14 employees were arrested, and 1 laptop and 2 mobile phones were seized.

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The raid took place in the offices in Mumbai, India. The state-run company is suspected of misusing data-security regulations.
IT Raid to the offices of Mumbai, including the phone of one of the managers
BBC Delhi & Mumbai has been raided by IT. The employees’ phones were seized and they were interrogated regarding the details of their work. Its with their connections with persons engaged in unknown illegal activities. This is only a small list of what happened on the spot.
The IT division of BBC has cordoned off the office of its Mumbai center. And seized the phones of some employees. The raid started after the management suspected some employees may have leaked information relating to security lapses in a recent episode of ‘Fake India’.

IT seized the employees phones

IT raid to the offices of Mumbai. IT companies are following a trend. They take chance on such events as IT raids and office seizures.
The IT department has seized the phones of employees of BBC in the Delhi and Mumbai offices. The raid has been carried out by the IT cell of Delhi Police. And Japanese officials from the IT dept were present during the search.
After the IT raid in Mumbai and Delhi, where computers, servers, and servers were seized. Today they raided the offices of Mumbai. Employees’ phones are being raided
The IT department of BBC was raided today, and its employees’ phones were seized that is the latest news coming from India. This is the second raid this year to BBC’s offices in Mumbai and the third in Delhi. Earlier, the Aaj Tak channel had reported about a raid after which other media organizations. Its like NDTV also published reports about a raid by the IT department in their offices. It is known as a huge scam because there are many other organizations involved with this fraud as well.
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has set up a special investigation team (SIT) at the offices here to probe the alleged irregularities in the hiring of foreign journalists by the national broadcaster.
A media group has said that its offices in Mumbai and Delhi have been raided by IT officials. Who seized the phones of some employees.
BBC had a massive raid on Wednesday where IT officials seized the employee’s phones. According to media reports, BBC Delhi & Mumbai offices. Its were raided by the IT department in connection. Its with money laundering and fake news investigation reports.
Five Mumbai news channels’ offices in New Delhi were raided by IT officials as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged financial irregularities and corruption at the three companies.

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