Indian Railway Update: IRCTC Cancels Trains List Today on September 27

IRCTC Cancels Trains List

The Indian Railway canceled the trains list on 27 September. According to the IRCTC source, almost 195 trains are partially canceled, due to which people face lots of hassle in relocation from the different corners of India. The reason behind the cancellation of the train is heavy rainfall.

IRCTC has canceled the trains today September 27th, due to heavy rainfall in Mumbai. The canceled trains are: 12598 Kolkata-Mumbai CSTM Duronto Express (via Gaya), 12603 Mumbai CSTM-Kolkata Duronto Express (via Gaya), 22601 Chennai Central-Patna Rajdhani Express, 22613 Chennai Central-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express, 22603

Indian Railways has the largest railway network all across the world. It comes under the government of India and operates as a state-owned enterprise, and is managed by the Ministry of Railways. The Indian Railway provides rail transport services across India and offers some international connections to neighboring countries so that people can relocate anywhere without hassle. The journey of a train is quite comfortable and hassle-free for the passengers, due to which millions of people travel by train every month.

The Indian Railway Centralised Reservation System (IRCTC) has canceled the trains list today September 27. The IRCTC has canceled the trains list today September 27. This is due to the ongoing strike in the Indian Railways which started at 6 pm on September 25 and is expected to continue till 6 pm on September 28, 2018.

The Indian Railways, which is the largest railway network in the world, is running at a loss of Rs.1,000 crore every year. The Indian Railway Update: IRCTC Cancels Trains List Today on September 27, has been canceled to reduce the losses.

The Indian Railway is one of the largest railway networks in the world. It is a state-owned enterprise that runs passenger and freight trains. The Indian Railways operates as a monopoly in rail transport, with no private or foreign investment allowed. After facing losses, the government decides to divest the government Railway sector into private so that private trains can run along with the government trains on different routes in India.

Indian Railways announced to reschedule or divert some trains due to unavoidable reasons including derailment, natural calamity, etc. As per the source, 18 trains are rescheduled, and 39 trains are diverted, due to which people face lots of inconveniences, while booked to the specified trains to travel here and there in India.

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