Infosys Study on Reskilling, Talent Diversity, Digital Tool Automation

The survey was conducted by the IKI, the research arm of Infosys,

Infosys Study on Reskilling, Talent Diversity, Digital Tool Automation

The study is a global study conducted by Infosys. The primary purpose of the study was to understand the impact of Reskilling (an inbound strategy), Talent Diversity, and Digital Tool Automation on an organization’s growth potential. The study was conducted across the globe.
The study addresses reskilling, talent diversity, and digital tool automation. Reskilling is defined as organizations shifting focus away from traditional training to technology-enriched learning as a means to break down learning silos within an organization. It also looks at the impact it can have on people’s career journey. Its keeping them engaged on account of new skills being developed. And a better understanding of their professional roles. The study analyses how seriously companies are taking this concept towards improving career prospects through talent diversity. While also exploring how they are grappling with the issue of staffing these new roles with fresh hands who can think beyond traditional models.

Infosys hired around 6,000 freshers in Q3FY23.

This study was conducted by Infosys to study the present. And future trends in the digital tool automation of computer-aided jobs. The survey results highlight that 70% of individuals interviewed in various organizations said that they would like to have more variety in their job profiles. One reason being the desire to explore new skills. And industries beyond what they are doing presently.
Recognize their skills to use digital tools and develop a combined strategy for reskilling. That will help to empower the best talent in developing rich digital features that transform business for all. The study looked at the impact of reskilling, talent diversity, and digital tool automation on IT professionals.
In June 2019, Its conducted a survey of its employees on their thoughts on Reskilling and Talent Diversity. The data found that 83% of the respondents are keen on implementing these changes in their daily functional systems. This article provides insights on key findings from this survey. Its along with recommendations for stakeholders to adopt this practice at an individual level too.

What are the key findings from the survey?

The survey aggregates data from six different sources that, together, provide a comprehensive data set on how organizations are dealing with issues related to reskilling, talent diversity, and digital tool automation. The results can be used by companies to engage their employees across the organization in understanding the needs of their workforce. And leading an organizational transformation effort that leads to successful outcomes.
This survey explores the key areas of life for today’s knowledge workers. And how they are expected to evolve into tomorrow. The study offers insights into reskilling, digital tool automation, talent diversity, and career opportunities.
Infosys Diaries surveyed industry leaders from various domains based on their views on the trends and future of reskilling, talent diversity, digital tool automation. And how these will impact the organizations. The survey showed that there is a need for building an ecosystem for digital transformation in organizations across various verticals.
In this Infosys study, we have explored reskilling and talent diversity in organizations. The findings show that despite having digital technology as an added advantage for organizations. Many companies are still not able to derive proper benefits from it. It also indicates that organizations are not yet aware of the major risks posed by the use of such tools across their organization.

What is Reskilling?

Reskilling is the process of changing a person’s career skill set as their current job changes to allow them to still do that job. Reskilling is key to enabling employees to keep pace with the evolving workforce, as well as retaining employees in the long term. As a result of a rapidly changing workplace and changing global talent dynamics. We must explore new ways for technology skillsets to be acquired and learned by even more individuals.
Infosys study is focused on the challenges faced by organizations trying to address these three trends — reskilling, talent diversity, and digital tool automation. We found that organizations need to get better at each of these areas to meet their business challenges and stand apart from their competitors.
Reskilling is the ability to reconfigure one’s skillset, training, and experience to adapt to changing demands of the job market. It has been shown that reskilling is a function of talent diversity in addition to firing costs.

What is Talent Diversity?

Talent Diversity report find that 79% of organizations feel pressure to develop talent in a way that includes hiring diverse employees; however, only 35% have defined an approach for hiring with diversity in mind. The report also finds that 62% of organizations do not see digital tools as an important part of generating diversity. Or as a key driver for talent development.
The study looked at the impact of digital technology on workforce productivity. It found that, although there were signs of a digital workplace changing business processes, IT leaders’ organizations have not adapted to change fast enough.
The study found that 31% of Indian respondents thought digital tool automation would help improve their company’s talent diversity. The survey was conducted on 1,000 respondents from Bangalore and Mumbai.
There is an increased need for skills and competencies across functions to participate in digital transformation, enabling organizations to leverage digital infrastructure. We’ve analyzed the largest, most in-depth survey of its kind. Here are the key findings.

What is Digital Tool Automation?

Digital Tool Automation are the top three drivers of Change in the IT/software industry. Reskilling is Required to Enable Digital Transformation and Talent. Diversity is a prerequisite for the delivery of Advanced IT Applications.
The study is built around the key findings of a survey on reskilling. And talent diversity, conducted in January 2018. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the viability of digital tools. Which are used by thousands of IT professionals across the world to manage their technical skills and interaction with vendors.
The survey revealed that it is important to understand different job profiles, their requirements, and the processes. The top 15% of jobs will have a separate talent requirement based on the digitization of many of the manual processes that are currently used. This will lead to higher salary rises and improved retention rates as well. Reskilling a human at every stage of the line can take some time;. for example, if you’re just starting with a new role or company, learn from people. Who have been there before. Digital tools and automation should be used in tandem. Its with your current skill set to ensure you’re able to apply them safely.

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