Infosys President Ravi Kumar S Has Resigned After 20 Years With Firm

Infosys President Ravi Kumar S Has Resigned After 20 Years With Firm

Ravi Kumar S resigned from the company as soon as he completed almost 20 years of working in Infosys. He has always led the Infosys Global Services Organization with the best across all industry segments.

Infosys said to the Reporters that Chairman Ravi Kumar S has now resigned from the company. The resignation gets procesed from October 11, 2022.

“The Board of Directors are very thankful and appreciates the services provided by Ravi Kumar S for his dedication to the company,” the company said to the news reporter.

Infosys president Ravi Kumar S has resigned from his position as the chief executive officer of the company. In a statement, he said that he was stepping down from the company to pursue other opportunities in the business world.

“I throught it is best time for me to travel beauty of world and I am confident that my decision will be good for Infosys.” Ravi Kumar said.

The announcement comes after weeks of speculation about Kumar’s political plans. The former executive said that he intends to run for office in 2020.

Ravi Kumar S resigned from his position as the president of Infosys on Friday. Ravi Kumar S was appointed president in March 2019 and was tasked with leading Infosys’ transformation into a technology company. He was one of two new presidents appointed at that time, along with Satya Nadella, who took over as CEO and president of Microsoft.

His resignation comes as a shock to many in the industry, as he had only been in his position for just over a year. He will be replaced by Boney Kannan. The company told that “the decision made by him to resign was good and he will continue to manage the organization in his current position.”

This is the latest in a series of high-profile departures at Infosys, which has been hit hard by a series of scandals including a massive data breach, accusations of bribery in India and Switzerland, and an internal investigation into financial mismanagement.

Infosys president Ravi Kumar s resigned from their position effective April 15, 2020. Ravi Kumar S will be stepping down from  role at the company after a 14-year tenure. The company has not yet announced a successor for Kumar S but will make an announcement in due course.

The company shared the news in a press release few days back. The head of Infosys, Vishal Sikka, has agreed to continue as CEO until a replacement is found.

“I am positive this transformation will assist us circulate forward,” Kumar stated in a statement.

“We have a clean and professional working record of Managing over effects for all the  and feature installed ourselves properly to be at the leading edge of era innovation.”Kumar joined Infosys in 1992 and was promoted to CEO in 2010. He has been credited with transforming the company from a business process outsourcing provider into an enterprise IT services firm with global reach and an emphasis on improving client satisfaction and increasing employee retention rates.

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