Infosys fires 600 freshers after they fail Internal Test

Infosys hired around 6,000 freshers in Q3FY23.

Infosys fires 600 freshers after they fail Internal Test

Infosys fires 600 freshers after they fail Internal Test

Infosys has fired 600 of its freshers after they failed a company test. Infosys is the Indian IT giant, that was established in 1981 in Bangalore. And now serves as India’s largest software services provider with clientele all over the world.
Srinivas Tummala, a first-year student at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay and a final year undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. It has been fired from his job at Infosys for failing to clear the company’s internal tests.
The test was conducted by the company to gauge the candidates’ ability to complete projects. And understand the company’s systems and procedures and team work.
The recruits had been at B-schools on campus placement in Hyderabad.  And Mumbai and had been selected for the roles based on their performance during interviews in May. Infosys would require their services for one year ahead of the December-end hiring period, company officials said.
This means that many of them will have to look for other jobs even though. They were training for a career at Infosys. Infosys is one of India’s leading IT services companies which recruits a lot of fresh recruits every year.

Infosys has been conducting a special test for freshers and the results are shocking. The company has fired 600 students for not passing the internal test. Who have failed to get a job at Infosys Company.
Infosys, the largest software services company in the country. He has fired 600 freshers after they failed an internal test. Infosys had earlier announced that all employees would get a chance to clear the exam with a minimum of 65% marks. And also promised 6 months’ salary for 100% attendance.

Freshers fails to get job at Infosys

Freshers fail to get a job at Infosys. Infosis said that it has terminated the services of 600 freshers. Who failed to pass the company’s internal test and asked them to leave the campus in the next two days.
It has recently fired 600 freshers, who failed to get a job at the company. Infosys has said that its HR department is “fully aware of the inflexibility of the internal test process” and has asked freshers not to book jobs until they have completed their tests.
The company has allegedly given recruiters the authority to reject applicants who do not pass the test.
Infosys is one of the world’s largest software businesses. And it is known for its range of clients, such as Nokia and Stryker. The company has a presence in almost 100 cities globally, employs over 200,000 people. And it has 32000 employees working in different divisions.
Infosys has announced that it has fired 600 freshers after they failed the company’s internal test. This decision is staunchly opposed by many who see it as a symptom of the large-scale brain drain from India. Which has seen a considerable exodus of top talent out of its national economy over the past decade or so.

Job profile of Infosys

Infosys is one of India’s biggest companies. It provides services to clients across the globe in IT, consulting, infrastructure, and re-architecting software. The company wanted the test not because of how well the freshers performed. But how much they knew about their job profile.
Infosys has fired approximately 600 engineers and software graduates for failing the company’s annual internal test for employee fitness to join the firm’s IT workforce.
The software major said the group of nearly 5,000 engineering graduates did not meet the basic criteria to join their company.
It has issued a notice saying they will terminate the services of 600 new employees. And cancel any bonuses, including those paid in cash, within the next month after they fail to get a job at Infosys. The company claims that this was done following external examinations of their freshers. Who were selected for internships post-graduation. This followed investigations into how many of their initial batch was able to pass out with good grades. But failed to get jobs in their chosen industry by March 2016 when they graduated from iSchools across India.

Infosys company profile

Infosys is a leading global information technology services, consulting, and software solutions company. Its clients include some of the world’s largest companies. Including Schlumberger, Shell, and Lockheed Martin. The company’s products focus on creating business solutions through innovative digital technologies. That enable customers to collect data from multiple sources, store it securely, and retrieve information from anywhere in real-time
In recent times, Infosys is faced with tough competition from startups and startups. There are many complaints about the recruitment policies of Infosys company. As per reports from various media sources, 600 freshers were fired on grounds of performance failures
Infosys Technologies Ltd..  India’s largest software exporter, has fired around 600 of 1,200 freshers. Who passed the first round of its assessment only to fail the second test conducted by the company in Bangalore. The ordeal is coming to light now after it had become public knowledge that a majority of these freshers failed to pass their exams.
The Times of India. The company conducts a series of tests to determine if a candidate has the right skill set and attitude to work at Infosys. These include interviews and technology assessments. Which can last up to six weeks.”There is a larger number of people who make it through these stages than we expected,” said S Gopalakrishnan, President (HR), Infosys Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd. “But not everybody makes it through all three stages.”
It is a leading IT services, solutions, and solutions provider for client sectors across the globe. The Company is focused on delivering value-added solutions through its portfolio of services. The Company has been working in India since 1971. And its main focus is major International clients.

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