IBM fires nearly 3,900 employees and SAP layoffs 3000 people

IBM fires nearly 3,900 employees and SAP layoffs 3000 people

IBM fires nearly 3,900 employees and SAP layoffs 3000 people


IBM, one of the world’s top five tech companies, reported that it is reducing its workforce by about 1%, or about 3,900 employees. The company says this move comes as part of a “reorganization” to streamline business processes and make it easier for customers to access products and services through their preferred channels.
IBM is an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells computer hardware and software. Its products include computer hardware and personal computers (PCs), enterprise storage systems for business and government, software, semiconductors, technology services, and consulting services. IBM has a market cap of $234.5 billion as of October 31st, 2018.
IBM is a multinational corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York. It has many subsidiaries, such as IBM Global Services, IBM KRYPTONIX, and IBM Watson Health. IBM employs the largest number of technology professionals in the world with over 216000 employees across different locations worldwide.

IBM Layoffs 2023: Tech major fires 1.5% of workforce – Rasiblog

IBM is a leading provider of intelligent technologies, people, and solutions that empower clients to harness the power of data to address their most pressing challenges. It’s goal is to help clients use advanced analytics and cognitive computing platforms to create new business opportunities and transform their businesses.
Company aims at cloud markets with Watson tech, On Thursday, May 2, 2019, IBM announced it will cut 4,000 jobs by 2020 and reduce its workforce by 4% between now and 2021. The company announced this in mid-April at its annual meeting of shareholders.
IBM is a multinational information technology corporation that has its headquarters in Armonk, New York, United States. The company’s products and services include hardware, software, and services in all major industries: business and consumer financial services; retail; telecommunications; transportation; healthcare, and life sciences.

IBM, Dow, SAP to cut thousands of jobs

IBM is laying off thousands of workers as it tries to right itself after a disastrous 2016. The tech giant fired nearly all of its employees in the UK . And it announced plans to lay off 600 employees at its research and development center in India. Its also fired 2,000 employees from its Amherst, N.Y., campus, where those affected work on products like Watson’s cognitive computing platform.
It is the world’s largest IT services company, with a presence in information technology and business process outsourcing. IBM offers products and services through its subsidiaries. Which include consulting, software, and hardware businesses. It also provides infrastructure management services and joint ventures around the globe.
IBM is a global technology and consulting company based in Armonk, NY. It provides solutions to clients around the world. They offer products and services that help organizations realize their potential through digital transformation, cloud-enabled security, cognitive intelligence, and advanced analytics.”
IBM said it will cut about 1,500 jobs and send others back to work after a six-week review that ended on January 13. The company senior vice president for human resources, Dong Jin Koh, said job cuts are necessary because of declining demand for its existing products. In 2016, the company eliminated 20 jobs from its research division.
IBM has been a leading IT innovator for more than 100 years. We are passionate about building technology that helps clients solve complex problems, deliver insights and create value. Our business intelligence, analytics, cloud, and security solutions enable organizations around the world to accelerate their digital transformation while delivering innovation at scale

IBM Company Profile

This Company Profile is a comprehensive company profile that provides detailed financial, operational, and strategic information about IBM. The company profile includes a summary of key players in the industry.An executive biography, and biographies of key executives. As well as information on customer relationships and business alliances. Provides all access to important documents like stock repurchase programs, merger agreements, and acquisitions.
IBM has announced it will eliminate 3,900 jobs, primarily in the US but also in countries including India, Brazil, and Japan. Its one of the biggest tech companies.And its a global leader in software sales with over 500 000 employees across 180 countries at 11 sites worldwide. The layoffs represent nearly 1,5% of its workforce.

IBM to transform its operations with RISE with SAP

It is a global technology solutions provider with a broad portfolio of businesses. Including IT infrastructure and software, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Leveraging long-standing relationships with clients and businesses. IBM combines proprietary technology with its research to help clients realize their goals. The company employs more than 190,000 people worldwide.
It was founded in 1911 by Thomas J. Watson Jr., who had a vision for management. And technology in fields as diverse as banking, manufacturing, financial services, and government. Today, It has more than 320,000 employees –. More than half of whom are located outside the United States — .And its the world’s largest technology company (2nd largest employer in the US)

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