Google employees protest against poor work conditions, job cuts

Google employees are protesting due to labour

Google employees protest against poor work conditions, job cuts

Employees of Google are protesting in Silicon Valley after the company announced plans to reduce. Its workforce by up to 10% over the next 12 months. The employees assembled to mark their frustration at what they see as the company’s short-sightedness about job cuts and corporate restructuring.
A group of employees of Google and Facebook says they were shocked to learn. That their companies are cutting jobs and giving them lower pay. The demonstrations came as part of a wider campaign called “Workers Rising,” which is intended to draw attention to job losses in the United States at major corporations following the U.S. presidential election.
The story goes that Google has been engaging in catch-and-release practices with employees. People are finding out that they need to be on the list to be in the employee pool. In addition, the majority of the people working in product design, engineering. And research have had their jobs cut because of profit margins for Alphabet. The company is spending $11 billion on a delivery service that doesn’t even exist yet. Google employees protested against some of the company’s recent business decisions.

Google employees protest

Google employees protested against poor work conditions, job cuts. And other internal issues at the Mountain View, California Headquarters on Thursday. The employees presented a letter to Larry Page CEO of Google Inc. in which they expressed their dissatisfaction. Its with the company’s treatment of its workers in general.
Google employees held a walkout to protest against the company’s plan to reduce staff numbers by up to 20 percent. The protest is in response to reports that suggest the tech giant will be cutting jobs at its California headquarters as it works on its Project Loon. Which aims to connect billions of people in rural areas via balloons.
In March, Google announced it was shuttering 30 percent of its workforce and shifting employees to less demanding. And more social “campuses” to better align its offices with the demands of its growing list of products. The cuts came after years of increased employee attrition among Google’s high-paid technical staff that were predominantly engineers.
This week, a group of former employees filed suit against Google over their treatment by the company. Which they allege was designed to drive up stock prices as opposed to treating workers fairly. With over 25,000 employees and annual revenue of $66 billion, the company is considered to be one of the most profitable employers in America. But several people working at the Silicon Valley technology giant are protesting the changes in their working conditions and many are even considering leaving.
Google employees demonstrate outside the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, on May 14, 2019.

Job cuts by Google

A letter from Google employees protesting poor working conditions and job cuts. The protest, which was led by workers from different parts of the company, saw 100 people march through San Francisco. Its with signs calling for gender-equal hiring practices, whistleblower protections, and better treatment of older employees.
Employees of Google staged a walkout on Thursday afternoon to protest against the company’s recent job cuts. Thousands of employees gathered at the company’s sprawling campus in Mountain View, California, and marched across the street to a local park. They later called on Google chief executive Sundar Pichai and other executives to address their concerns at an employee town hall.
Google has fired more than half of its staff in a sharp downsizing, as the company looks to shift focus from mobile devices to smart homes and other services. The employees of Google want to join the ranks of protests against poor work conditions and job cuts.
Employees of Google, including the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai, are protesting against the company over several issues. These include poor work conditions, job cuts, layoffs, and a lack of transparency in decision-making at the search engine giant.
Thousands of Google employees marched through San Francisco on Wednesday in a protest over the company’s handling of sexual harassment and the cost-cutting known as “right-sizing”, the Associated Press reported.

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Google gave $2.8 billion in stock to founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page following their lucrative 2004 sale of the company for more than $1 billion, Bloomberg reported last year. The second-largest tech company by market value has been working with people who allege a range of inappropriate behavior by senior executives for years but had not reprimanded anyone until recently.”
Thousands of workers at Google walked off the job to protest Google’s plans to cut staff, Reuters reported Thursday. According to the agency, employees from across the globe staged walk-outs started by employees in London and spread quickly through Europe and Asia today. Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the gathering via video conference but was not expected at the protests. The protest is likely to expand this weekend as more employees plan to join in.
The work environment at Google is stressful, with employees under pressure to meet management’s expectations. In a meeting on Thursday with the New York Times, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google, reportedly advised the newspaper’s editorial board to “calm down” about a letter sent by Google employees protesting low pay and poor benefits.

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