Google delays Year-end bonus checks for employees

Google employees are protesting due to labour

Google delays Year-end bonus checks for employees

Google last year had notified employees that they would be getting a 2% year-end bonus and this year it has now decided to hold back a portion of this amount.
Google says it will delay paying out bonuses to some workers in a bid to “raise the morale” of its workforce and weigh up whether it needs to make a further capital investment in customer data protection.
If you received a bonus in November, you’ll receive a check again in early January. To qualify, employees — both salaried and hourly — must have worked at least 90 days this year; earn salaries of more than $100,000; and be working at Google in the U.S., United Kingdom, or Canada.

Google company profile

Google Inc. is a global technology company that has over 1600 employees and $106 billion in net revenue sales in its fiscal year 2012. Which ended on August 31, 2012. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is traded on NASDAQ. Google provides its services like search engines as well as other internet-related services to businesses and consumers.
According to Google’s official website, the company is delaying a portion of its bonus checks. “In addition to the year-end cash bonus awarded in February, we’re delaying payment for a portion of our non-cash stock awards this quarter,” Google says.
Google’s months-long bonus delay has affected its employees in both good ways and bad ways. Ranging from some who are worried about their own financial security to others. Who are focused on the company’s recent performance, employee reaction to Google’s year-end bonus checks announcement is a topic that has been discussed across social media platforms.

Google new announcement

Google declaration a new stock plan for employees today. Hoping to boost employee morale by offering one-time 401(k) contributions and smaller year-end bonuses. Google plans to give stock grants worth as much as 1 million shares to eligible U.S.-based employees. It will also start matching employee contributions automatically. Either in their regular paychecks or capped at their current annual addition rate. Employees can set up the automatic saver at any time during the calendar year.
According to a blog post, the company is “currently working on an implementation” designed to target employees who’re in their first year with the company. The company that does so much for its employees is giving them a little more time to spend with their family and friends. It is detaining a part of bonus checks.

Google is retarding; A bit of bonus checks Google - Wikipedia

Google is detaining an estimated 10,000 bonuses for its employees until the Labor Department finalizes. Its decision on a contentious White House executive order regarding immigration policies. Shares of Google’s parent Alphabet were down sharply in after-hours trading.
We have been notified that Human Resources is releasing the Year-End Bonuses to non-direct employees in July. As a reminder, bonuses are based on the accrual of time worked. Which is reported on Form W-2 and Form W-3.
The company was to pay bonuses to employees in its different offices around the world on Friday (December 13). But it’s delaying part or all of the payment until February, according to media reports.
Offering an early glimpse into the financial challenges facing the world’s largest online retailer and software provider. Employees who receive the bonus on Nov. 1 will have their checks become payable effective Jan. 25th, 2019, more than three months later than originally scheduled. The nonspecified amount announced in late September was expected to total around $15 million.
To help Google staff better manage their time, the company will put off Year-end bonus checks for a few weeks. Google says it will postpone the sending of year-end bonus checks for workers who have been with the company for more than 3 years. The company says it needs a few more weeks to make sure that it is budgeted well enough to pay every employee who qualifies.

The company is not expected to provide a bonus check until late February

According to a source, Google did not respond within hours of this writing. The hold-up may be a result of the recent scandal involving sexual harassment at Google and its parent company Alphabet, reported in January by American news organization The New York Times.”Google will provide each employee with their award in mid-February,” said an email sent by Google spokeswoman Gina Scigliano. “However, we will not be providing a bonus award for the year 2018 as had been previously planned.”
In a petition, employees said they were “shocked to read in mid-January. That Google will be withholding bonuses from employees of its Mountain View headquarters. Who joined the company in 2014 and 2015 and have been earning annual bonuses throughout their time there.” The post cited reports saying 200 employees will not receive their annual bonuses because of the “slight downturn in financial performance for the year.”

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