Genesys appoints Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer

Genesys appoints Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer

Genesys appoints Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer

Genesys has appointed Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer, the company announced today.

Sankhe will lead Genesys’ global digital strategy and operations and report to CEO Steve Ryan. In his new role, Sankhe will be responsible for playing a key role in developing and executing Genesys’ roadmap for digital transformation across all of its markets.

Sankhe joined Genesys as vice president of product marketing in October 2017. He previously spent seven years at Oracle working on business intelligence products such as Oracle BI Cloud and Oracle BI Analytic Developer.

Genesys has appointed Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer. Sankhe will be responsible for the company’s digital strategy and growth in the region. He will report directly to Genesys CEO Dave Staecker.

Sankhe has more than a decade of experience in technology and business development, including roles at companies like Cisco and Google.

Sankhe joins the company from Capgemini, where he was managing director of its consulting practice in India. Genesys has made a new appointment—this time, to its executive team.

Sameer Sankhe will be Genesys’ chief digital officer. He has been with the company since last year and previously served as the global CIO.

“Sameer’s experience in IT is invaluable,” said David Grissom, Genesys CEO. “He understands our customers and how they use our solutions, and he’s built a strong team to help us deliver them.”

GENESYS has appointed Sameer Sankhe as its chief digital officer.

Sankhe will be responsible for leading the company’s digital transformation, including the company’s e-commerce strategy and product development. He will also oversee GENESYS’ brand awareness, marketing strategy, and execution.

GENESYS, a global leader in marketing technology and services, today announced the appointment of Sameer Sankhe as its new chief digital officer.

Sankhe brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT field, including leading teams and developing solutions for various industries. He has also worked with a variety of brands including Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, and Kellogg’s to deliver innovative digital experiences. Most recently, he served as CEO of Genesys Technology Corporation (GTC), where he drove the company’s growth strategy and expanded its offerings to include customer data management, enterprise software solutions, and analytics-driven advertising solutions.

Sankhe is a former senior executive at SAP, where he was responsible for driving digital transformation across the company’s product portfolio. He also served as global head of digital solutions at Motorola Mobility and held various roles at IBM.

He joins GENESYS after serving as vice president of digital solutions at Verizon Communications, where he helped lead the company’s digital transformation efforts.

GENESYS, the trusted leader in digital transformation, today announced that Sameer Sankhe has been named Chief Digital Officer. Sameer Sankhe will be responsible for driving digital strategy and operations across all business units at GENESYS.

In his new role, Sameer will be responsible for leading GENESYS’ efforts to transform its digital operations and business model by developing a roadmap for growth, enhancing customer experience, and increasing efficiency without compromising on quality.

Sameer joins GENESYS from Microsoft Corporation, where he was most recently a Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing Operations who led the marketing platform organization from inception to rapid scale-out across multiple brands and geographies.

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