Ficosa in India plans to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023

to fulfill these goals, we are planning to build a new plant (65 acres) in Chennai.

Ficosa India plans to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023

Ficosa India is the best manufacturing company in the industrial area of power electronics. This company has been providing the best product to our customers with all types of designs and specifications. We are working consistently to increase the team to fulfill the decided goals. We are planning to build a new plant (65 acres) in Chennai very soon.

It produces over 50,000MTs of quality agrochemicals every year to cater to the global demand from customers. The company is at present engaged in the construction and renovation of houses. It is in process for the lower to middle-income segment across India. We aspire to significantly expand our market share by providing first-class services utilizing best practices, technology, and expertise. We aim to become the preferred brand for consumers with a long-term vision of becoming one of the most prominent players in our sector.

It has emerged as a trusted choice for all types of new marquee and channel glass fabrication, carefully crafted by a team of experts. They deliver the best product with a highly efficient service at a reasonable cost. Ficosa India new announcement to increase its workforce so that goals can be achieved easily. Ficosa India plans to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023, the company said in an e-mail response. The increase is part of an ambitious expansion plan that will see it double its global workforce to nearly 3,000 people over the next four years — many of whom will be based outside Asia.

Ficosa (@FICOSA_Int) / TwitterFicosa engineering centre to increase workforce by a fifth

Ficosa India plans to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023 as part of strategies to enhance the company’s growth. They announced that it has started preparations for the coming decade. With a focus on e-commerce, smartphone technology, and artificial intelligence. Ficosa India plans to increase its employees to grow more. But will not reduce headcount at the company’s manufacturing centers. The company said it aims to achieve a turnover of more than Rs 60 crore. Its operations started within three years of launch. Ficosa is a subsidiary of Ficosa International Ltd.

Ficosa India aims to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023 and reach a total workforce of 12,000 by 2026. The company will focus on improving the quality of services and will invest in technology to avoid frequent machine breakdowns. Ficosa in India plans to increase its workforce by 18% in 2023. The company will create both new and existing roles for them. The details of this growth plan are expected to be revealed soon.


Ficosa in India is the largest employer in India, with a workforce of over another 1.21 lakh employees

Ficosa India’s company is a global IT services provider that has a presence across all key markets in the country. We pride ourselves on being one of India’s leading enterprise technology service providers. And committed to providing customized solutions that meet your business goals and needs. With an experienced team, we have a comprehensive portfolio of products and services from offices across the country.

It is a pioneer and leader in commercializing Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies for the Video Surveillance, Security, Automation, and Environmental markets. It is committed to becoming an integrated supplier of hardware and software solutions. They are focused to meet customers’ needs by providing them with a high-quality product. It can be customized according to their specific needs. Through close collaboration with its customers. Ficosa has succeeded in establishing itself as a trusted partner in the growth of innovation in all sectors.

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