Dream11 has been fined Rs 1 lakh for disturbing co-workers on leave

Dream11 has been fined Rs 1 lakh for disturbing co-workers on leave

Dream11 has been fined Rs 1 lakh for disturbing co-workers on leave

The company, which is India’s largest online betting destination, has been penalized for violating the rule of not disturbing any employees on leave. The penalty was imposed after an internal audit conducted by the company’s compliance team.

A senior HR executive told The Economic Times that the team found that several employees were disturbing their colleagues on leave by sending them messages and making unnecessary calls.

The team also discovered that some of these employees had been doing so even after they were warned not to do so. The executive added that the company has already taken steps to ensure that such incidents don’t happen again.

According to the company’s policy, employees are not allowed to disturb others while they’re on leave. If they do so, they will be fined Rs 1 lakh.

In a statement issued by Dream11’s spokesperson, the company said that it had been receiving complaints from its employees who said that they were being disturbed while they were away from work. They also stated that the company had been trying to solve the issue through “conversations” with those responsible for disturbing them but there was no change in their behavior.

The spokesperson further added that no matter how much time an employee spends at home or even how many days he/she takes off work during a month, if he/she comes back and disturbs others again then he/she will have to pay up Rs 1 lakh penalty.

According to media reports, some employees were asked to play music for their colleagues even after they had left for home. The company also asked them to take pictures of people who were not seated in the auditorium.

The incident came to light after one of Dream11’s employees posted an image on Twitter, showing him standing in front of his colleague taking a selfie. Later, he uploaded another picture that showed the same employee sitting in his seat while another employee was lying down near it with headphones plugged into his ears and eyes closed.

In response to this incident, Dream11 has issued an official statement saying that these actions are not allowed under any circumstances as they could disturb other members of staff who are busy working or studying.”

This incident has raised questions about whether employees should be allowed to use cell phones during work hours or whether they should be fined for violating this rule.

The employee was allegedly called by Dream11’s HR department twice between 4 am and 6 am for notifying him about his annual leave. The court said that this was an intentional act of harassment against an employee who had already informed them about his annual leave.

The Judge said that it is not good for any company to let its employees disturb their co-workers during their leave. He also said that there should be a system in place where these kinds of issues can be handled properly. This issue was brought up by a group of employees who were not able to work properly because of the noise made by their colleagues while they were on leave. This led to many issues between them and the management which ultimately led to this decision being taken by the court.

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