Cognizant appoints new Chief Executive Officer, replaces Brian Humphries

Chief Executive Officer

Cognizant appoints new Chief Executive Officer

Cognizant has appointed Rajeev Mehta as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors, following the retirement of Brian Humphries. Mehta joined Cognizant in April 2015 as its president and chief operating officer. He is overseeing all facets of client delivery, operations management, technology services, consulting. And finance functions at the company.

Mr. Mehta previously served as the chief executive officer at iGate Corp., a provider of IT services and solutions. Previously, he was senior vice president, of Global Delivery and Solutions Management at Oracle Corp.

In this profile, we will discuss Cognizant company profile, share information about its current CEO and see what future plans they have for their employees. The company also appointed Paul Bellamy as co-CEO. Who will share responsibilities with Coburn for two years.

New York, April 16 (Reuters) – Cognizant on Wednesday appointed Rajeev Mehta. Who was instrumental in the company’s growth over the past 14 years, as its chief executive officer. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has appointed Francisco D’Souza as its new chief executive officer, replacing Brian Humphries. Who is retiring after a nearly four-year stint. The company said that Mehta will replace Brian Humphries who is leaving the company after serving since March 2014.

Coburn is a previous chairman of Deloitte Australia and its global financial services industry group. It’s also been reported that Coburn will be the first non-American chief executive for Cognizant in its 24 years of history. He replaces Brian Humphries who is stepping down after leading the company for almost 8 years.

Cognizant, an IT consulting and outsourcing company, has appointed Rajeev Mehta as its CEO. This is a surprising move considering that Brian Humphries was recently appointed as the new CEO of Cognizant only a month ago. Expert said on Monday that it has appointed Francisco D’Souza as president, chief executive officer, and member of the board of directors effective Oct. 30.


Cognizant has appointed Antonio M. Perez, former chairman, president, and Chief Executive Officer of Synnex Corporation

Its new chief executive officer to succeed Brian Humphries. Mehta will lead the company while continuing as president of North America. Who is responsible for driving growth and profitability through expansion into new markets and verticals

Cognizant, a global leader in information technology services and one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, today announced that Francisco D’Souza has been appointed CEO. He replaces Brian Humphries who will assume the role of Executive Vice Chairman.

Cognizant has announced that Robert Hassell, an executive with extensive digital and global business experience, will serve as the company’s President and CEO. Hassell succeeds Brian Humphries who served as interim CEO following the resignation of Francisco D’Souza for medical reasons in May 2018.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (NASDAQ: CTSH) announced today that the Board of Directors has appointed Rajeev Mehta as Chief Executive Officer effective March 1, 2019. In this role, Mehta will oversee all aspects of the company’s strategy and operations, including driving significant growth in new and existing customer relationships. Investing in innovation to accelerate customer value creation. Growing employee talent through global recruiting initiatives, and fostering culture change globally to drive organizational performance.

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