Bharatpe CEO Suhail Sameer has resigned, and Nalin Negi has been appointed interim CEO

Sameer’s resignation comes as a surprise, as he had been with the company for less than two years. Negi is not a new face at BharatPe: he was previously vice president of business development and strategy.
Negi will serve as interim CEO until a permanent replacement can be found.
Bharatpe has announced the resignation of its CEO, Suhail Sameer. The company has appointed Nalin Negi as interim CEO.

Suhail had been with the company since its inception and helped it grow into a global enterprise. He stepped down after six years with the company.
Nalin Negi joined BharatPe in the role of COO in 2017, becoming the first woman to ever lead an Indian company’s board of directors. Since then she has worked to expand BharatPe’s footprint outside of India and internationally.
Sameer will be leaving the company after nearly four years of service, during which he helped grow BharatPe’s revenue by 30% per year. Negi joined the company in June 2018, after serving as CFO at another Indian company.

Bharatpe is an Indian information technology company that provides software solutions and services to small and medium businesses. It was founded in 2000 by brothers Anand and Ajay Agarwal. Sameer joined BharatPe in September 2018. His first few months at the company were spent leading the company’s expansion into new markets, including West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. During this time, he also oversaw several new product launches, including its first-ever radio campaign and its most successful digital campaign to date.
Negi has a long history in digital advertising, having worked as an ad director at brands like ITC, Godrej, and Hindustan Times. He has also been instrumental in launching several successful e-commerce businesses across India.
Sameer joined BharatPe in April 2018 as its chief operating officer, but he was promoted to CEO in November. The company announced that it was looking for a new CEO in January, and brought in Negi from his role as managing director at [company name].
The Board of Directors has appointed Nalin Negi as interim CEO. Sameer’s resignation comes after two years at BharatPe. He joined the company in December 2018 as its chief strategy officer, and he was promoted to CEO in April 2019.

BharatPe, the Indian Internet Service Provider (ISP) has appointed Nalin Negi as its new CEO. The appointment was made on Tuesday, May 15, 2019. The Indian Cellular Association (ICA), which is the umbrella body of all major cellular operators in India, announced earlier this month that it had selected Nalin Negi as its new CEO. He will take over from Suhail Sameer who resigned from the position on Monday.

Nalin Negi’s appointment comes after he assumed the role of Vice-Chairman of Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) in December 2018. Before his stint with BBNL, he was with Bharti Airtel for over 15 years where he held various positions including Head of Planning & Business Development and President – of the South Asia Region.

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