“Begged Me… Said He’s A Family Man”: Air India Flyer On ‘Peeing’ Shocker

When Air India flight AI-521 from Delhi to Bengaluru was delayed in December, passengers were hopeful that the punishment would be light, but it turned out as severe as expected. A passenger who was traveling with his family was harassed by the cabin crew for defacing the toilet pan, with no action taken against them despite repeated complaints. The airline has issued an apology after this shocking incident and is implementing a new policy to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Air India flyer and his wife have been criticized by many on social media.

Events surrounding the Air India flight had been unfolding since last Thursday. The Sun Network executive, who allegedly tried to hide the woman’s sob story for a payment of Rs 2 lakh and later tried to blackmail her with videos of his son peeing in his pants, has recently come out with another shocker where he has claimed that the woman had demanded Rs 10 lakh.

The Indian national carrier has employed an unusual wake-up call to its flights, urging the staff not to pee in public at airports. Air India announced that it is launching a campaign for travelers who might have been caught short during the journey.

The pilot of Air India’s Delhi-Kolkata flight has claimed that the co-pilot asked him to “pee” before attempting an emergency landing after he overheard a conversation between two women and got “pants-wetting scared”.

The Air India pilot, who was found “completely drunk,” pleaded with his co-pilot while they were flying over the Atlantic Ocean to land randomly at possible airports. He also asked the flight attendant to please serve non-vegetarian food on board because he is a regular customer and doesn’t want his family to starve.

Air India is said to have made a passenger amass a bill of 50,000 rupees for allegedly urinating on his seat. Pilots say it is a case of “begging to pee”, according to a passenger’s posting on social media. “He was traveling from Bangkok to Delhi and he had asked for business class because he was late to board. However, the air hostess told him – ‘thank you, sir, for choosing Air India,’ but didn’t offer anything except water,” says the Facebook post. “Then she asked him if he wants food. He said no and then she offered him food again. He again declined to say this time he has to go”

Air India has released a video in which the aircraft’s Captain, Pradeep A. Khanna is seen entering the cockpit while all passengers are waiting to take off, and telling them that both passengers and crew have been informed of the incident.

Air India has told its pilots that some cabin crew has been caught on camera urinating in public at the Mumbai airport. The airline is investigating the incident, conducted by a senior pilot of the national carrier who worked with an air hostess at the Kochi facility, an Air India spokesperson said. “The act has shocked us,” he said. “We are taking it very seriously. We have directed our staff members to petition civil society organizations to involve engineers and safety professionals so that such incidents can be stopped at the earliest.”

Air India says its pilot did not piddle in the lavatories of an Amsterdam-bound flight. The national carrier insists that there is no reason for the incident to be discussed, as it is not part of ongoing investigations into similar events. “It was a strategy to divert attention from their fooling around with the cabin crew and so on,” said an Air India source, referring to reports detailing repeated incidents in which pilots at Mumbai airport have been accused of misbehaving with female crew members in the past two years. “A handful of pilots are running amok,” said a source close to Air India.

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