AU Small Finance Bank announces Menstrual Leaves Policy

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AU Small Finance Bank announces Menstrual Leaves Policy

AU Small Finance Bank announces Menstrual Leaves Policy

At the Annual General Meeting, Small Finance Bank announces Menstrual Leaves Policy, The AU Small Finance Bank announces new Menstrual Leaves Policy. The policy will be applicable to all employees of the bank on or after 01/08/2019.
AU Small Finance Bank has decided to give greater flexibility in the matter of Menstrual Leaves for its female employees. The bank also proposes.Its employees should always inform their employers.Its about their menstrual cycles, by submitting a medical certificate. In recognition of the various pros and cons associated with menstruation. The bank has decided to allow its personnel to take a period of leave during the onset of menstruation.
To provide a conducive working environment for its female employees, AU Small Finance Bank announces Menstrual Leaves Policy. The leaves will be given to male and female employees as per the rules and regulations of the Bank. We at AU Small Finance Bank are very proud to announce our Menstrual Leaves Policy. Our aim is to increase participation in the team, reduce absenteeism and make work and life more enjoyable for all!
The Information Technology Department of AU Small Finance Bank successfully launched its new Menstrual Leaves Policy (MPL) on 1st April 2019 to provide an effective.Its informal means for women employees who are required to perform greater than five days of absence during their period of menstruation.

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Announcing the Menstrual Leaves Policy to provide more support to our Female employees,

who may need to take maternity leave due to their first child. Being born after the date of commencement of this policy. This will ensure continuity of services with minimum disruption to operations at the Bank.
AU Small Finance Bank has taken another step forward in promoting gender equality by announcing the Menstrual Leaves Policy to encourage employment among women. The move is part of our set of initiatives in providing support and opportunities to women. The new Menstrual Leaves Policy has been introduced to enable female staff members. It ensure a break from work during their periods. This will enable them to concentrate on their family and other chores, which are usually undertaken at home.
This policy allows female employees to take up to six working days during any cycle as paid leave or free days in order to ensure their personal, health, and economic well-being. The bank’s management has also taken steps to address their employees’ needs during menstruation by providing sanitary napkins at reasonable prices and subsidizing drug costs for those on medication prescribed by a doctor.
This season’s menstrual leaves policy is applicable to all employees of the Bank who will apply for such leave in the month of October and November to the month of February inclusive.

The bank has long remained a preferred financial patron for women entrepreneurs and SME owners.

As a champion for the welfare of women, ASFB’s endeavor is to protect the dignity of women employees during the period when they take their menstrual leave in an enlightened manner. So that women employees can manage the hardship of their period and be at work during that time.
The full-time finance process will ensure that women employees who have been working for more than two and a half years, can take this facility on their monthly paid leave period without any loss of salary to them.
We have taken into account the need for our women colleagues to take rest. Its during their menstrual cycle in order to re-energize and avoid any complications, which are common side effects of taking hormonal drugs.

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