Amazon workers reveal their toilet breaks were timed

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Amazon workers reveal their toilet breaks were timed

Amazon workers tell all. The retail giant has been criticized for its questionable working conditions as even toilet breaks are timed, according to reports.
An employee for Amazon claims he was forced to clock in and out of the office, despite being at home. The worker said his toilet breaks were timed at work. So if he took more than two per day, he would be fined for it.
Amazon workers say their bathroom breaks are timed. Employees of the online retailer revealed the details in a series of tweets from January 13 and 14. The bathroom breaks are supposed to take up to 10 minutes, but they often last longer than that because most people are busy multitasking on their smartphones while sitting down in the store’s coffee shop or walking back to work after visiting another department.
“I need my bathroom break,” wrote Amazon associate Michael Zaleski in one tweet. “If you’re going to make us pee at work (and others) I’m open to suggestions on why we should do this.”In another post, Zaleski said everyone needs to take their breaks but they only receive two 20-minute periods per day, and can even be lengthened if they get into a “stressful period” at work.

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Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, providing consumers and businesses with unlimited selection, super fast shipping, and outstanding customer service.It has more than 1.4 million active sellers. Who each sell over 100 different products on its website. Amazon also offers thousands of third-party sellers access to the Amazon marketplace; however, the majority of these sellers are not able to expand their businesses. Its by easily selling goods and services directly through Amazon — they instead use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
Amazon workers have revealed the “vibrant” and “energetic” nature of the workplace, thanks to their toilet breaks being timed. The retail giant has been criticized in recent days after a series of emails obtained by Buzzfeed revealed workers’ frustrations with their working conditions. And some claimed that they are forced to log on to “countdown clocks” that indicate when they will be allowed to take breaks.
A new report from The New York Times shows that Amazon workers are being forced to get in. And out of their bathrooms quickly, as part of an automated timed bathroom break system. According to the report, employees at Amazon’s warehouse facilities have complained about having to take bathroom breaks in just three minutes, despite many wanting more time for hygiene purposes.

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A growing number of Amazon employees are angry at the fact that they’re being asked to clock in and out of their breaks. Many employees claim they have to work straight through lunch. Which sometimes means answering emails while standing in line at the bathroom.’There was a time when we had time-and-a-half for overtime hours. But now that has been removed,’ says one worker who left Amazon last year. ‘I was told that if we took any breaks at all during our shift we would be docked pay or dealt with me in some way.’

Amazon claims it does not track when workers take their breaks. Which it says is an effort to increase efficiency and retain talent. But employees say management pressures them into leaving work early–or even refusing to go home if they need to use the restroom during their shift, according to one ex-employee. Who left last year when he fell ill from dehydration caused by working too long without getting enough fluids.
To leave Amazon’s warehouse in Seattle, workers have to walk through a special security point. They’re then subject to a strict “piloting” process before they’re allowed across their facility’s gates. Workers can’t use the bathroom between the security checkpoint and the loading dock. Where they receive their packages. If they need to go that badly, they need to stay behind those gates and take care of it on their own time.
A new report from The Guardian has revealed that thousands of Amazon workers have been forced to clock out of work. And return to their desks before their allocated break time ends. The move is said to be done to meet time demands and increase productivity on busy days.

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At one of the world’s leading online retailers, employees are subjected to an eight-hour shift. This means that they often have limited time between shifts to personally prepare for their next day at work. To make sure employees can get all the rest they need in preparation for their next Amazon shift. They have been given a three-minute break every two hours.
Amazon workers are responsible for the incredible service that customers receive. They make sure the orders ship quickly and efficiently, provide feedback on products and services. And help guide shoppers through their shopping experience. The online retailer is under fire for forcing employees to clock out. When they stop working and using a handheld device to record time spent in the bathroom, according to employees.
A number of the employees said they were forced to use portable toilets on their break. This comes after Amazon took over the headquarters of its UK rival retailer Tesco. Which previously occupied a building near London’s Hyde Park.
Workers at a warehouse in Arizona are speaking out about their alleged mistreatment at the hands of senior Amazon executives. As reported by Buzzfeed News, workers say they volunteer to work unpaid shifts as a means to pick up extra money. The company has so far declined to comment on these claims. But USA Today reached out to several Amazon employees who explained how they were being treated.

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