What is Baal Aadhaar Card? Check registration process, benefits, and other details

What is Baal Aadhaar Card Check registration process, benefits, and other details

Recently the Government of India has been encouraging people across the nation to register children under their Baal Aadhaar initiative. To give you a more overview of the same, in the last four years, over 3.43 crore children in the age group of 0-5 have been enrolled. Interestingly, the Unique Identification Authority, the government-owned body that issues Aadhaar Cards, has enrolled more than 79 lakh children in the 0 – 5 age group during the first four months (April – July) of the current financial year.

You must be wondering what Baal Adhar is? Baal Aadhaar Cardvis a kids-only Aadhaar Card issued only for children in the age group of 0-5 group. It is valid till the child attains the age of five and to differentiate the Baal Aadhaar from normal Aadhaar, it is issued in blue color.

What documents and proofs do you need to issue Baal Adhar? All you need is a facial image of the child, and biometric authentication of the parent/guardian (having a valid Aadhaar). A proof of relationship document (preferably birth certificate) is collected at the time of enrolment for Baal Aadhaar. School ID or any photo ID will be recognized.

What are the benefits of having a Baal Adhar?
Baal Aadhaar works as a facilitator in availing several welfare benefits, and also works as a digital photo identity for children right from birth.

Can the child immediately get an Aadhaar Card after completing five years?
Yes, as soon as the kids attain the age of 5, the child’s parents are required to furnish his or her biometrics at an Aadhaar Seva Kendra to complete a process called mandatory biometric update (MBU). The MBU process goes through a de-duplication process. After completion of this process, the child is issued a normal Aadhaar without any change in the Aadhaar number.

What are the fees and charges to get a Baal Aadhaar Card?
It is issued free of cost. However, if demographic changes should be made to the card, then the government will charge Rs 50. Also, the charge for updating the biometric details of the applicant is Rs 100.

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