Dunzo agent runs behind train to deliver package to passenger. Video is viral

Dunzo agent runs behind train to deliver package to passenger. Video is viral

Every other day we come across some of the weirdest and most astonishing trending videos across the Social Media Platform. And there is not going to be any scarcity of content on the internet and we will come across the same in our daily lives every now and then. But when we think we have seen it all in this world of Social Media trending videos we came across this video that we don’t know what to call bizarre or astonishing.

So, in a video that has over 4 lakhs views and is going viral online, a Dunzo delivery agent can be seen running behind a train to deliver a packet to a passenger onboard. Yes, you read it right, the train was supposed to stop at the station for about 2 minutes and in that very time, the Dunzo driver not only found the customer but also delivered it running, the interest has been in two minds ever since the video got viral. Some are praising the delivery agent for his dedication and some are worried about his safety, it could have easily turned into a mishap and thankfully it didn’t.

Pushpa jhukega nahi, Dunzo rukega nahi,” reads the caption of the post.

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The clip was shared on Instagram by Mumbai-based celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani and has been viewed over 4 lakh views it stated that the delivery agent and customer had a language barrier and somehow used a translator and due to the never give up will power of the Dunzo agent it all was possible. The customer had no idea of which platform the train was going to come to, the communication gap was there yet there was one thing that made it happen and it is the focus on his work by the delivery agent.

Who knows maybe it was the much-needed thrill in his life and to many it has been inspiring that when you put your heart to something you can do anything even when all odds are against you. So what’s stopping you? Go get your goals.

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